Best Tools in 2023 for Your Email Campaigns

Written By Alla Levin
August 30, 2023

Best Tools in 2023 for Your Email Campaigns

In a highly dynamic modern marketplace comprising customers with ever-decreasing attention spans it is highly challenging to run effective marketing campaigns.

It becomes more cumbersome when you are expected to be present on every possible platform, and you do not have the leverage of unlimited budget and time to reach the target audience. Ask any marketing pro about prioritization and effectiveness of possible mediums, and the answer will be email marketing is not only evergreen but the most effective with the best possible return on investment.

The effectiveness of email marketing is well established, but the question is how to do it smartly to acquire, convert, and engage prospects. Thankfully, some great tools are available to help you run email marketing campaigns with perfection in 2023.

Tools to Run Successful Email Campaign 2023

It is natural for any business to keep exploring new software and tools that promise to help you run effective email campaigns.

Whether your goal is brand building, brand positioning, customer acquisition, product awareness, or just being in touch with customers, these tools are great value additions as they help you automate the planning, drafting, designing, and scheduling of emails according to your business goal. Some of the email marketing campaign tools are:

MailChimpBest Tools in 2023 for Your Email Campaigns

When it comes to popularity and brand value, MailChimp is one of the best-rated email marketing platforms. Imagine anything regarding email campaign planning, customization, and analytics, this platform offers you everything.

A long list of features, of course, available according to the plan opted out of four available price plans, gives you the freedom to communicate effectively with the target audience and convert leads into sales. It offers you interesting features, like:

  • Effective audience targeting through advanced segmentation;
  • Absolute automation to engage and re-engage at a suitable time;
  • Most importantly, performance tracking in real-time is a gem for readjusting strategy for better conversion and ROI.


If you are looking for email campaign tools that are simple yet with all the possible features that you need to run a stress-free and efficient email campaign, then Ziho could be your choice.

Better engagement and higher conversion are possible through beautifully designed customizable templates of Zoho and analytics help you measure success in real-time, with a platitude of options to adjust your sail for better output.

  • Single widow approach to streamline sales and marketing operations
  • Smart analytics helps you plan future campaigns for better outcomes
  • Engaging email campaigns, forms, and landing page builders
  • Plethora of other options to automate campaigns and boost productivity

MailReach passes the spam test.

Not getting desired results from your email campaign? Visualizing the ‘spam box landing’ challenge, particularly of small and medium businesses, Mailreach developed a unique approach of human touch in warm-up emails to begin a conversation in a realistic, natural tone that builds trust and passes the spam test.

As the conversation progresses, emails are automated and personalized based on inputs, resulting in a productivity boost and better lead conversion.

  • The unique approach of solving spam-box landing challenge through a human approach;
  • Reach inbox for better engagement, conversion, and productivity;
  • Smart analytics to track performance;
  • Better deliverability for better results.


If you are looking for a one-stop solution for your sales and marketing operations, HubSpot could be one of the preferred choices for email campaigns.

It offers you lead and pipeline management tools with synchronized emailing to boost operation efficiency and productivity. Of course, the platform offers you all possible features that other popular platforms offer with the additional benefit of advanced analytics.

  • Besides effective email marketing, it offers you integrated social media and Google Analytics in one location.
  • Ease of use is one factor that makes it better
  • Smart automation with options to personalize deliverability
  • SEO-focused content for better contextualization and discoverability


It is pretty challenging to start and manage effective email campaigns, especially when you are short of time and energy and with a limited budget.

Gist offers you the ability to streamline marketing smartly through a full range of digital marketing tools and services. You will be in full control of your email marketing campaign using Gist’s all-in-one email automation, analytics, and monitoring platform.

  • Integrated chatbots for better real-time engagement with the audience for better conversion
  • Highly efficient integrated sales and marketing approach for better productivity
  • Message delivery timing automation for better response

There is no room for inefficiency in a modern, highly competitive market space, especially when engaging with the audience for the said purpose.

Whatever email marketing tools you opt for, you should keep the platform’s simplicity, security, segmentation, automation, analytics, and customer support in mind. It is all about being wise and wanting to stay ahead of the competition using innovation.

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