Useful Expert Apartment Cleaning Tips

Written By Alla Levin
September 01, 2023

Even though everyone despises cleaning, everyone loves living in a tidy apartment. Is there an effective, quick method to clean your house? For the most part, newbies are unsure when to vacuum versus dust first. They argue over whether cleaning the kitchen before the bathroom is better.

It really does matter where you begin with the maintenance in your flat. Before dusting, avoid sweeping and mopping the floors since the dust will end up on your freshly cleaned floors, requiring you to perform two times as much labor. When cleaning, it is a good idea to follow certain rules so that you only have to do the necessary work once.

Professional housekeepers try to save the heaviest or longest jobs for the conclusion of the cleaning session and the shortest or least taxing activities for the beginning. This is so that once the washing and waxing is over, all of the simple jobs can be accomplished quickly.

Everyone can use some helpful tips to make housekeeping a more pleasant experience. For a full list of housekeeping tips, visit and look at all of the time-saving tips there. To maximize your time and quickly clean your apartment, follow this detailed approach, which is built on many years of experience:

Expert Tips on Apartment Cleaning

Make the whole residence, not just one room, clean

It is significantly more efficient to pick one chore (like vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping) and then perform the task in all apartment rooms rather than washing the dining area, bathrooms, and bedrooms in that order. By performing any task related to cleaning like this, you can avoid feeling trapped in an insatiable cleaning cycle in which you continually begin the repetitive task.

Fill a caddy or tray with any of the essential cleaning suppliesUseful Expert Apartment Cleaning Tips

It is much easier to do the activity if you have everything you require for housekeeping in a container, like a caddy or sack. You won’t be wasting time searching for equipment when cleaning, and you don’t need to be concerned about gathering the items before the next cleaning.

Reduce clutter

Before the attempt at starting to clean, go from area to area and remove any visible clutter. As you clean up each item, such as clothing, paperbacks, and even worn-out shoes, consider if you should store it, throw it away, or give it.

Dust and vacuuming

Secure a microfiber rag to the bottom of a cleaning tool or mop handle for hard-to-reach areas like blinds and high shelves. Change the bed sheets in all rooms before vacuuming.

Pristine mirrors and windows

One damp microfiber cloth and a dry rag should be used to clean every inch of glass and reflective surfaces. If the glass or windows are very dirty, use a vinegar solution, then let it remain on the surface for ten to twenty minutes. Then, remove the surface and solution with a microfiber cloth or newspaper.

It might be required to repeat the procedure until there’s no longer any visible filth on the surface of the glass, but doing so is safe as long as the glass is well-cleaned after each application.

Surfaces should be cleaned

Wipe off any visible surfaces in your apartment, including doorknobs, switch plates, TV remotes, telephones, counters, appliances, and cupboards. Dust furniture and the undersides for shelves; remember to dust handrails and TV screens. Secure a cloth made from microfiber to the bottom of a broom or mop handle for harder-to-access spots like blinds and top shelves. Before you vacuum the apartment, swap out the linens in all of the bedrooms.

Some of the aforementioned surfaces require cleaning, especially the ones that could potentially touch any mucous membranes of visitors or residents. To make a disinfection solution, combine a quarter and a half cup of cold white vinegar or rice vinegar with one full cup of plain water.

Focus on the bathrooms, sinks, and toiletsexpert apartment cleaning tips

Spray cleaning solution over the sink before scrubbing the bathroom sinks and bathtubs. Let it rest for a bit to give the detergent time to remove dirt and stains. After that, return to your kitchen and start cleaning. Always remember to scrub the inside of the microwave. The final are tidy bathrooms. While working in the kitchen, you can scrub out sinks and around faucets.

Mopping and sweeping

Clean the bathroom and kitchen floors. You can finish without blocking yourself in a corner by beginning at the far end of the space. Rinse the mop after finishing an area that is no bigger than 4-by-4-foot.

While vacuuming, shuffle around

Do not worry about reaching into every nook when vacuuming. Just do a full circuit of the house utilizing the vacuum over all of the carpeted areas. Not every task needs to be finished every week. These might encompass washing the windows, waxing wood furniture, and washing the bath carpets and area rugs. Look at the tasks and make your own judgment.

Keep in mind to replace your cleaning products frequently

When tidying the house, it is common to ignore the task of maintaining your cleaning materials. Cleaning using a soiled sponge as well as a vacuum that’s got a full bag of debris will be far less effective and take more time.

Leave the Mess to the Professionals

One of the easiest methods to clean an apartment quickly is to make cleaning a task for a professional. Hiring a local professional housekeeping service ( doesn’t have to be expensive, nor does it have to cause stress. Cleaning may be made more enjoyable by working together with a housekeeper, and your home will be spotless in no time. While you are cleaning, check on house maintenance concerns, such as a broken sink that might result in water damage. This will minimize having to go back and straighten or troubleshoot items after completing the cleaning.

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