Mistakes To Avoid As An Employee

Written By Alla Levin
September 13, 2023

When we first join a company, we want to do our absolute best (and let’s not forget that we usually want to pay our bills on time). Being a great employee can be tricky sometimes; we want to work to a high standard, but there are mistakes to be made everywhere – and some that you might not even consider! 

Underworking or Overworking 

You signed up to do what was outlined in your job description. Your personality type might dictate that you will overwork or underwork, though. With overworking, it is usually because we want to stand out and get recognition for doing great work. Underworking, though, doesn’t just impact you. It means your team will need to pick up the slack. 

You’ll get into the swing of things and find a good balance if that is something you want. 

Missing Deadlines 

Deadlines can be up for discussion often. Sometimes, the deadlines are unreasonable, while other times, it is time management. Being good at communicating when there are issues can get you the help you need to meet the deadlines. Continually missing deadlines is usually cause for concern with employers, so it is best to get a tight grip on time management. Here are some apps that can help with deadlines

  • Monday;
  • Akiflow;
  • Motion;
  • Trello;
  • Smartsheet;
  • Todoist.

Bad Communication Mistakes To Avoid As An Employee

Communication is usually more challenging for new people in the workplace or if you have an adamant boss or management team. Ineffective communication can cause havoc for you, your team, and your employer. Things like when a client is unhappy, issues in the common areas, software not working – anything that impacts your ability to do your work. And, if you are unhappy or having issues outside work that affect you, communicating your needs can make a huge difference in your work life. 

No Action 

The workplace can be a hotbed for illegal, immoral, and dangerous things. Often ending in one or multiple people having experiences that they shouldn’t. Many employees won’t take action for fear of losing their jobs, but by taking action, you can prevent the same thing from happening to others. Filing complaints, talking to HR, workmans compensation claims, and going to the media are all options. Employers acting in bad faith or allowing their employees to be in danger isn’t uncommon. Don’t make the mistake of not taking action. 


The office and the workplace come with a lot of politics and gossip – you have the choice to ensure you don’t step inside that ring. Gossip and backbiting come to light eventually, with disastrous consequences. Some discussions are essential, like when something is going well under certain leadership – but for the most part, steer clear of anything that is gossip and could be hurtful. 

Not Taking Ownership

Mistakes are made often because of so many things happening – of course they! But it is how you approach that mistake that matters. Avoiding taking ownership could mean someone else gets in trouble. Taking responsibility for mistakes and learning from them is a respectable and highly valued trait. Some workplaces are challenging to navigate and have multiple issues, and sometimes taking steps to rectify that is important: Fighting Unfairness In The Workplace.

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