Tips For A Gentle Recovery After An Incident

Written By Alla Levin
September 13, 2023

Tips For A Gentle Recovery After An Incident

No matter when you had your incident, you have likely gone through a few issues: physical trauma, mental upset, emotional imbalance, and even financial troubles. When something happens to us that we are not expecting – whether it was our fault or not, it can impact us for a long time. 

The problem is that with almost any incident, there are reams of paperwork that need to be done, time off work required, not to mention the actual rest and recovery you need. Taking care of yourself after an incident in the most gentle way will allow your body and mind to feel better again slowly. Here are some tips for getting back to you after something traumatic happens. 

Medical Attention 

When the incident first happens, it is vital that you seek medical attention, even if you aren’t sure you need it. There are some obvious issues and some that might not be. An examination by a doctor will be able to spot things that some people who have an accident might not be aware they have. Traumatic brain injuries include shoulder or knee damage, herniated discs, and internal bleeding. It is also important to get everything noted if you intend to seek justice through a personal injury lawyer

Rest A Gentle Recovery After An Incident

When something traumatic happens to us, our brains can often try to protect us by ‘shutting down’ or being exhausted and sleeping. Sleeping is a must when we are trying to recover from something, and it is the best way for our body to repair any damage that has been done. 

Rest and sleep are different, and while you might feel restless and want to carry on with your daily life – it is important to make sure that you give your body – and your mind – time off.  Studies have shown that not getting enough rest and sleep deprivation can make the body take longer to heal.

Emotional Support 

Everyone deals with incidents in different ways, but being injured and distressed throws up a lot of difficult emotions. They can show up in complicated ways, like not being able to sleep, feeling scared a lot, not wanting to be alone, and more. Therapy is a good idea to help you healthily work through things. Spending time with friends and family (people who make you feel safe) comes high on the list for self-care. 


We often expect a lot of ourselves, and part of that can be trying to rush ourselves to feeling better and doing everything we used to do. However, it is vital that you are patient with yourself – treat yourself how you would treat someone that you love if they were in the same situation.

Eat Well 

Even if you are on a diet or a healthy eating plan, you might need to adjust your eating to support your body in recovery. Healing wounds of any type takes a lot of energy, and you’ll need to ensure you have the fuel to do it. Your doctor can advise you on much of what you should eat, but plenty of vegetables, fruit, and protein is usually a good way to go. Sleep can be impacted long after an incident. Here are some extra tips to help: 11 Ways To Improve Your Sleep and Improve Your Happiness

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