Designing the Perfect Conference Room

Written By Alla Levin
September 20, 2023

Conference rooms are one of the most important rooms in any office and are useful no matter what kind of business you run. Whether you’ll use it for company meetings and project pitches or if you’ll have many meetings with potential clients, shareholders, and more, you need a comfortable and stylish conference room.

This article will help you decide what to include, from beautiful conference room tables and comfortable chairs to the equipment you use inside to the overall design and layout of the room. Hopefully, these tips will help you create a room for open discussion and promote productivity and efficiency.

Designing the Perfect Conference Room: Begin With the Basics

Before selecting tables, chairs, and electronics, let’s start with the most basic piece of a conference room: the room itself. Which room you choose will change everything from the layout to what equipment you’ll need, and it should be based on what you need it for. 

If you have frequent meetings, having it placed in the middle of the workplace may make it easier for everyone. The amount of people attending these meetings is another factor. Having a small conference room may work great when discussing things with your team but may prove to be less functional when you’re trying to persuade many new clients to employ your services. Also, consider whether you want your conference room to include windows that provide extra light and comfort and what color you want the room to be.

Choosing Between Comfort and Numbersdesigning conference room

Once the room has been selected, you need to decide on the layout and furniture. The traditional conference room has one long table with many chairs along each side. This allows those at the table to clearly see and hear you and any reference materials, such as graphs, you need to show. However, some rooms or meetings may require a different setup. Consider how busy your meetings tend to be as you consider your layout options.

Once your layout has been chosen, it’s time to find some high-quality chairs and tables. While we listed a helpful link for tables in the introduction of this article, chairs are a bit more complicated. You need to have enough of them while also ensuring they’re comfortable. Luckily, you can compromise a little bit. 

Make sure the chairs around the table are comfortable and sturdy, but keep some extra ones stacked away in a closet just in case a meeting ends up being busier than expected. While these chairs will be less comfortable, it’s far better than expecting your guests to sit on the floor or stand the entire time.

Considering Equipment

It would be best if you also considered what types of meetings you’ll have and what you will discuss. You may need dedicated equipment depending on what you already have and what you may need. For example, while you will always need a strong WiFi connection, you may also need a whiteboard and markers, a projector and projector screen, and more to properly showcase and present your data and ideas to everyone present.

You’ll also need to consider what equipment your guests may need. Many may bring their own laptops with them, but having a few extra charging cables, wired and wireless mice and mouse pads, or even entire laptops may be necessary. Even if a few of these items don’t end up being as helpful for meetings as you’d prefer, having this kind of extra equipment around will also benefit you and your employees.

Ending With Finishing TouchesEnding With Finishing Touches

Once your conference room is selected and filled with the perfect tables, chairs, and necessary equipment, it’s time to decorate. How you decorate will depend on how often the room is used and what it is used for. 

For example, having many paintings around is nice, but this falls flat if you constantly have to dim the lights so you can see what is being projected onto the screen. You also don’t want to overdo it. A plant in the center of the table and in an empty corner of the room is fine, but adding too many more may be distracting.

Striking the balance between being heavily business-focused and your tastes can be difficult in a conference room. The best thing to keep in mind as you not only decorate but also furnish the room, in general, is that moderation is key. 

Make sure it has everything you need in it before deciding which decorations to add, and then ensure the decorations you choose are not only tasteful and match the room’s aesthetic but also aren’t too much. After all, a cluttered room is just as unsettling as an empty one.

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