Combining Charm of Yesteryear With Pizzazz of Today in Your Wedding

Written By Alla Levin
October 05, 2023

Contrary to popular belief, wedding planning doesn’t need to be a stressful journey through “I Do” terrain. By employing creativity and courage when planning your event, you can seamlessly combine the timeless elegance of traditions with fresh contemporary trends for an unforgettable event! Let’s go ahead and embrace this matrimonial adventure together!

The Nostalgia of Paper and the Convenience of Digital: Invites and Save-the-Dates

Your wedding invitations and save-the-dates give your guests their first taste of your wedding, so let them count! There’s something special about receiving an actual invitation, that thrill of opening something beautifully handcrafted that says, “You are invited!”

On the other hand, electronic invitations offer convenience, and speedy RSVP’s are hard to resist – why not combine both approaches? Send physical invites to those who appreciate physical mail while sending e-invites out for your techie guests.

Custom stamps and wax seals add a personal touch to traditional invitations while keeping their look sleek and modern. Take it one step further by including QR codes leading to your wedding website on physical invites; that way, both traditions unite harmoniously!

Accept the Classics: Venue and Dress Code 

Don’t shy away from tradition regarding your venue and dress code decisions – taking inspiration from classic architecture such as castles, historic mansions, or rustic barns can add charm. These spaces exude old-world charm that modern, industrial chic venues may lack. To avoid the feel of medieval reenactment, use modern decor elements. String lights, geometric furniture, and vibrant color schemes can add an updated vibe to a traditional setting.

As for dress codes, traditional wedding attire could include a full-length white bridal gown and black formal tuxedo for the groomsman but don’t think this means there can’t be some deviation. Brides could explore color – think blush, blue, or even floral prints for their bouquets and attire. Grooms could opt for daring navy or maroon suits in lieu of traditional black. Guests are encouraged to mix vintage with modern styles when selecting their outfits, creating the perfect blend between old and new styles – the key here being balance: don’t go overboard; aim instead for an appealing vintage-modern hybrid event rather than time travel fashion show!

Infuse Modern Vibes: Decor and Music

Decorating and music are two areas in which your creativity can shine through, seamlessly merging the past with today. As for decorating, combine classic elements like vintage glassware or antique centerpieces with more contemporary ones such as acrylic signage or geometric terrariums. As for music, an effective way to bridge generational gaps through music is by putting together a carefully selected playlist.

Start the evening off right by beginning with timeless classics that have your parents dancing, then move onto more recent nostalgic tunes from your youth years before revving up the energy with contemporary party anthems as the night progresses. And why not hire a DJ specializing in fusion music to ensure an unforgettable musical atmosphere at your wedding? That way, guests of all ages will have tunes they recognize – and your granny might just surprise everyone by dancing the latest hit song!

Cater to All Tastes: Food and Drinks

Food and drinks combine the old with the new in an intoxicating marriage of flavors and varieties, from traditional sit-down dinners to modern fusion menus and cocktail hour – not forgetting mixology bars with custom drinks that’ll have everyone raising their glasses!

Keep Memories Alive: Photography and Videography

Finally, capture your special day through photography and videography that blend traditional with contemporary styles – think black-and-white portraits alongside vibrant drone shots.

Conclusion: Finding the Balance Between Old and New

With that, here is your roadmap to creating a wedding that blends elements from both old-school and contemporary styles in its planning. Wedding planning should reflect who you and your partner are as individuals, so create an event that expresses that. Don’t settle for one style when two may work better together.

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