5 Warning Signs to Watch for When Looking for Maltipoos for Sale

Written By Alla Levin
March 14, 2022
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5 Warning Signs to Watch for When Looking for Maltipoos for Sale

You and your family have decided that it’s time to get a Maltipoo. You remember how fun having a puppy was when you were growing up and you know how much more enjoyable owning a dog will be as an adult. Unfortunately, many breeders have shady practices, and that can make it challenging when you’re looking for a sweet dog.

You need a breeder like My Doodle Maltipoos who can walk you through every step of the process. Here are 5 warning signs to watch for when you’re in the market for a Maltipoo.

Breeder Unwilling to Meet in Person

Sifting through the scammers online and the real breeders are hard enough as it is. But when a breeder is unwilling to meet in person, this can raise some red flags. While there could be legitimate reasons for their hesitation, be on alert. To protect the privacy and provide convenience, some breeders work with brokers and transporters to deliver their Maltipoos for sale. But others use these means to cover up less than stellar breeding and raising practices.

Unclean Puppy Environment

When you’re able to visit the Maltipoos, you should look for a clean environment. Do they have clean food and water? Is there poop everywhere or does it look like the puppy area gets cleaned out regularly? Some breeders refuse to meet in person because they know that their habits would turn away any discerning person. When you do get a chance to meet up, take stock of what the area looks like.

Too Much Time in Small CagesLooking for Maltipoos for Sale

Some breeders start to kennel train their Maltipoos for sale. This is great for new puppy owners, but when it’s apparent that these pups spend the whole time in small cages, this is cause for concern. Puppy mills often wean their puppies early so they can keep them locked up in cages. Puppies should have plenty of room to run and play and should not spend all their time separated in cages.

Anti-Social Behavior

It’s normal for puppies to be a little skittish when someone new comes to visit. It’s not normal though for them to take a long time to warm up or for them to be fearful. This anti-social behavior is a good indicator that they have not had much human contact. Puppies are naturally curious and love to play. When they are given opportunities to be around people and each other they develop healthy behaviors that make them better family pets.

Abnormally Extravagant Costs

Buying a puppy is an investment. And while you can expect to pay more for a great dog from a reputable breeder, watch out for extravagant costs and ask what comes with the price. If you’re spending a few thousand dollars on a Maltipoo for sale, you want to be sure your investment comes with vet visits and other benefits that make the price worthwhile.

Now You’re Equipped to Start Looking for a Trusted Maltipoo Breeder

Now that you know some of the warning signs to watch for when you’re looking for Maltipoos for sale, it’s time to find yourself a new family puppy. The only things left to decide on are if you want a male or female and what color you like the most.

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