Home Protection 101: 7 Expert Insights to Ward Off Pesky Intruders

Written By Alla Levin
October 09, 2023

Expert Insights to Ward Off Pesky Intruders

When temperatures drop, residents usually spend more time indoors. Likewise, pests and rodents also look for shelter. Sadly, residential dwellings offer all that pests seek, including food, shelter, and warmth. Many people believe that pest control is not necessary throughout the winter. Meanwhile, there is a higher need as those pests tend to move inside to avoid the cold weather.

Pest infestations are a popular and annoying issue many homeowners face. Knowing how to ward off these pesky intruders as soon as possible is essential before it goes out of control. After all, prevention is crucial for keeping pesky intruders at bay. Although it is nearly impossible to reside in an entirely pest-free environment, in this article, to make pesky intruders feel unwelcome as homeowners.

7 Expert Insights to Ward Off Pesky Intruders

Discard Food Appropriately

Dishes may often be left in the sink, and wiping up crumbs may not be your top priority. Yet, while it may be easier to allow things to sit out, it is essential to regularly clean the kitchen table, rinse off dishes, and discard extra crumbs. This is because pests easily get attracted to leftovers. When you open food, you should store it in a sealed container. Food attracts various pests, commonly cockroaches, ants, flies, and rodents.

Dry Up Damp Areas

It doesn’t matter whether it is pool season or not; pests love water. It is one of the three basic things needed to survive: shelter and food. To keep them at bay, frequently check for leaky faucets and drains. Bear in mind that washing machines and air conditioners can also get leaky. Moreover, damp spaces generally attract rodents, spiders, silverfish, and cockroaches. To ensure dryness, you can run a dehumidifier in your home.

Shower, sink, and toilet drains not used for extended periods can also attract pesky intruders. Note that all gutters have u-shaped portions of pipe built always to hold water. If a drain is, then, not used for a long time, that water can evaporate and allow flies to invade your home.

Make the Outside Space Off LimitsExpert Insights to Ward Off Pesky Intruders

If you have an outside space in your house where you love hanging out, then pests most probably love spending time there as well. A stack of firewood could become the ideal home to termites and ants. Therefore, it is important to store wood a minimum of 20 feet from your home.

Outdoor areas and yards generally call mosquitoes, termites, ants, and ticks. For instance, a birdbath is pleasing to the eyes. Yet, it is a suitable breeding ground for mosquitoes. On that note, it is better to empty all standing water surrounding your house and help to keep the population of mosquitoes at a minimal level. However, if you desire a birdbath, you could get one with a water feature that will prevent the water from becoming stagnant and still.

Always Secure Your Doors

Having drafty windows, leaving your doors open, loose roof shingles or an open chimney is like rolling out a welcome mat. It is essential to always check around your house and block all entry points. Blocking points of entry includes repairing holes in screens to block entry points for beetles, spiders, and ants.

Note that rats only need a hole, a quarter of the size, and mice, one the size of a dime, to find their way inside. Hence, ensure all cracks and holes are appropriately sealed to prevent pests from intruding.

Properly Insulate Exposed Piping

These pesky intruders can be so tiny that if they locate any exposed crevice, they will seize that opportunity and invite their colleagues to your home. The perfect way to prevent this gathering is to properly insulate your exposed piping so they would not find an entry point into your home in the first instance. For insulation, it is advisable to use environmentally friendly products to protect your home and the environment.

Examine Your Gutters and Roof

Your roof and gutters should also be free of crevices and cracks. They are perfect places for the pesky intruders to crawl into a hideout. If the need arises, ensure you do not hesitate to call professional reinforcements to do the job for you. Although employing the wildlife pest control service in Ohio will cost you some amount of money, in the long run, it will save you even more, 

In addition, remember to inspect and exclude rodent access points whenever you inspect entry points for pests. Just like rats and mice, rodents can do just as much damage to a home as insects. Thus, you must watch out for them as well.

Nevertheless, note that rodents are quite sneaky. So, you should carry out some research as to their burrowing sites and make sure you exclude those points.

Trim Hedges

Landscaping admittedly adds curb appeal to your house. However, if it is not trimmed the right way, landscaping can also serve as a hiding spot for rats, mice, and other pests looking for how to gain entrance through the foundation. Hence, ensure you devote time to trimming plants back from the foundation.

Also, ensure soil levels are always kept low enough to ward off mice from the siding, as they have been found to get entry underneath vinyl and wooden siding.

Get Help As Necessary

Pesky intruders, such as pests and bugs, love residing in places where they can thrive. Therefore, do your best to keep every area of your home clean and free from idle objects, like logs or boxes.

The extensive knowledge of pest control service providers means they can help prevent or remove intruders from your premises. They can also ensure that wasp nests, spider webs, egg cases, other larvae, and off-springs are killed off.

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