4 Easy Ideas for Dressing Up Your Sideboard 

Written By Alla Levin
October 30, 2023

Ideas for Dressing Up Sideboard

Sideboards improve the appearance of a dining or living space. Likewise, they double as a storage space. We use them to display trinkets and create a focal point. But often, homeowners focus on the table and ignore its role in improving the room’s overall appeal. If you want to have fun dressing up your sideboards, try these four ideas:

Choose a Themed Decoration

Themed décor is fun and provides a creative way to express your style. Moreover, you can try it with someone. The first thing is to choose a theme. We recommend a specific colour theme like a rustic, vintage, or seasonal theme like fall or beachy summer. If you need help, explore magazines for inspiration. Choose complementary colors and select accessories that match the theme—for example, vases, corral baskets, or other decorative items. Likewise, add textiles like placemats or table runners. Experiment with different accessories but maintain a balanced arrangement.

Lights and Candles

Sunlight is one of the simplest ways to dress up a sideboard. Place the sideboard near or against a window to allow direct light penetration. However, if you desire ambiance and warmth, try artificial lighting. Choose table lamps that complement the overall room theme. Dimmable LED bulbs create different moods. Alternatively, use candles and candle holders. Arrange different heights and sizes and choose holders with a more traditional feel. If you enjoy scented candles, choose fragrances that won’t overwhelm the space with strong scents. Place a mirror above the sideboard to reflect light and make the room feel larger.

Hang an Artwork Hang an Artwork 

Wall art, such as painting and plaques, has always been popular in interior decoration. They allow expression by adding depth, personality, and meaning. Select one or two artworks that will serve as focal points, but ensure the size complements the sideboard’s size. We recommend a large painting or a framed print that is two-thirds the width of the furniture piece. Centre a large piece above the sideboard or create a mini gallery with smaller artwork. Try accent lighting to draw attention, and try other decorative items like vases or sculptures.

Image Via: 1825 Interiors

Pick a Plant

Greenery adds a natural and refreshing element to any space. Choose a real or faux plant, but select one that fits the sideboard scale. Shorter plants add lushness, while taller plants add height. Group plants for coordination or use a large statement plant as a centrepiece. Mix them with decorative items and consider seasonal plants to reflect changing seasons. Try small terrariums, air plants, or blooming plants.


Sideboard decoration provides an opportunity to say something about yourself. So, try different things to make it pretty. Nonetheless, make them practical. Use lighting to highlight décor ideas and a mirror to double the impact. Display art to focus attention and overlap pieces. Group objects, play with height, and don’t forget to display your glassware. Whatever you choose, ensure they complement the overall space idea. Plus, try decorating with someone for more fun.

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