Are You Failing To Feng Shui in Bedroom?

Written By Alla Levin
April 22, 2022

Are You Failing To Feng Shui in Your Bedroom?

As an ancient Chinese traditional practice, feng shui ultimately aims to arrange our rooms in ways that achieve balance, thus helping us to maintain a happier harmony with our environments. This is perhaps the longest-standing philosophically-based interior focus.

And, by bringing it into our bedrooms, we can far better ensure spaces that make us feel good. And, by bringing it into our bedrooms, we can far better ensure spaces that make us feel in harmony according to the principles of Feng Shui Masters in Singapore.

The trouble is that, as feng shui falls under the radar of more persistent modern trends, it’s all too easy to fail at this focus, leaving us tackling bedrooms that are never quite as balanced as we would like. In this article, we consider three primary reasons that you’re failing at feng shui in the bedroom right now and how you can overcome them for true balance and relaxation at last.

Your layout is all wrong

While modern techniques like Marie Kondo’s typically revolve around what we have, feng shui is predominantly focused on the layout. In particular, placing your bed in a commanding position that leaves you facing your door feet-first while sleeping is supposed to help you feel at ease.

Equally, avoiding placing your bed directly underneath things like beams or sloped ceilings can create a more spacious impression. As such, if your bed is directly in front of your door right now or crammed into a dark bedroom corner, it’s past time you considered an overhaul.

There’s too much clutter

As mentioned, feng shui is less about what you have as it is about where you have it, but clutter is also not recommended. Clutter underneath your bed is especially thought to affect sleep quality, while the addition of things like books in your room can have the same impact. The need for a concise, well-planned layout also means that large amounts of clothes cluttering up the sides of your bedroom are unlikely to serve you well here.

Hence, it’s worth perhaps pairing Marie Kondo’s decluttering techniques with your feng shui attempts or, if you can’t part with anything, finding self storage facilities that can keep it well away from your sleeping space. As well as helping things to look better, you could find that you enjoy the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had in this room as a result.

You haven’t considered asymmetryFeng Shui in Bedroom

While there’s nothing to say that both sides of your room need to be identical, feng shui layouts are also greatly reliant on asymmetry. As such, if you’ve tackled all of the above and still don’t love your bedroom, this could be your last fatal mistake. Luckily, this is perhaps the easiest priority to tackle, with something as simple as placing a bedside table on both sides making a huge difference, and generally helping your room to feel like a more cohesive, relaxing space at last. Feng shui might feel like old news, but there’s a reason why this ancient philosophy still holds a great deal of interior sway. Try it out in your bedroom to see its benefits for yourself. 

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