The Best Habits For Improving Cognitive Function

Written By Alla Levin
November 13, 2023

The Best Habits For Improving Cognitive Function

The brain is like a muscle. It needs regular exercise to stay strong and perform at its best. Just as going to the gym builds muscles, certain habits can boost brainpower and improve cognitive function. What are some ways you can improve brain health?


Supplements are often used to benefit brain health—omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil support neuron structure and communication. Ginkgo biloba enhances blood flow and may improve memory and focus. Coenzyme Q10 energizes brain cells. In addition, many people today use celastrus paniculatus the elixir of life, to improve their brain health.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise helps counteract stress and improves focus, memory, and learning. Moving a daily habit fuels the brain by keeping it nourished, oxygenated, and plastic. Just 30 minutes a day can enhance mental fitness alongside physical fitness.

Read and Learn New ThingsThe Best Habits For Improving Cognitive Function

Reading, taking courses, playing brain games, anything that actively stimulates the mind builds cognitive reserve. Continue expanding your knowledge on topics that interest you to strengthen connections between brain cells. Learn a new skill, like playing an instrument, to create new neural pathways.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Lack of sleep impairs cognition and memory. Adults should aim for seven to nine hours per night. Ensure you practice good sleep habits like following a schedule, limiting evening screen time, and avoiding caffeine in the afternoon. Deep, quality sleep allows the brain to consolidate memories and recover.

Nourish the Brain

Add nuts and seeds to your diet because they boost brain power. Harvard Health also recommends you eat green, leafy vegetables and fatty fish. Drink coffee and tea with your meals and watch your brain function improve also.

Train Your Working Memory

Just like going to the gym builds muscles, you can build cognitive muscle by training working memory. Try memory exercises like memorizing increasingly longer grocery lists over time. You can also play brain games focused on improving concentration. Mastering these skills helps strengthen cognitive abilities.

See the WorldSee the World

Did you know traveling can improve brain health? You connect with new people and places and challenge your perspective. Visiting a new place shakes up your daily routine, and you will learn a new vocabulary. Plan to visit a new location today to see these benefits.

Stay Social

Social interaction is vital for brain health. Isolation leads to declines in cognitive abilities and mood. Maintaining an active social life, even just chatting with a neighbor or joining a club, can stimulate the brain and ward off dementia as we age. Social bonds are crucial medicine for neurological and psychological well-being.


Volunteering your time and skills can have tremendous benefits for brain health. Studies show that volunteering helps counteract age-related memory loss by keeping the mind active and engaged. The social connections formed through volunteering also stimulate the brain and reduce feelings of isolation and depression. By volunteering regularly in the community, you can boost your cognitive reserve, improve your mood, and find greater purpose and fulfillment in life. Giving back provides mental stimulation and social engagement that supports healthy brain aging.

Improving Cognitive Function: Limit Alcohol

While moderate drinking seems to have cognitive benefits, heavy drinking can damage brain cells. Limit alcohol consumption to one drink or less per day for women and two for men to promote optimal brain health. Avoid binge drinking, which can impair memory and reasoning skills.

Challenge yourself regularly for better brain health. Implement one of these methods today for a few weeks to see how it works. When results are seen, move on to the next. Soon, you will see amazing improvements in your cognitive function.

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