What to Look for in a Caterer When You’re Planning an Event

Written By Alla Levin
November 15, 2023

At first glance, event planning looks really easy, but then, when you do the event planning, you’ll see how challenging it actually is. All of those little details that the event planner organizes combine to create something big. When organizing an event, whether it’s a wedding, corporate conference, or a special celebration, choosing the right caterer can make a significant difference in your guests’ experience. Alright, so this isn’t a small detail; it’s a major one, and the food and drinks are going to play a heavy role in both the atmosphere and people enjoying themselves. 

Even if you’re doing something on a smaller scale, like creating a killer picnic for an event, even that alone can take a lot of work. Overall, food helps generate the event and makes it memorable. But to really achieve these positive memories and make the event the talk for a while, you’re going to have to choose the best caterer. But what qualities do you need to look into before hiring one? Well, here’s what you need to know!

What to Look for in a Caterer: What’s Their Experience Like?

Every event is different; a picnic-related event will usually not serve the same food as a wedding, corporate event, or anything like that. So, you’ll want to look for caterers with a track record of successfully catering events similar to yours. Experienced caterers are equipped to handle a variety of challenges, from dietary restrictions to fluctuating guest counts. They also have a better understanding of event logistics. So it will help if they have experience with the type of event you’re hosting

Always Ask for a Tasting Session

You can take that as a red flag if they refuse a tasting session. So, why are these so important? Well, it helps to ask for a tasting session because this gives you the chance to sample the caterer’s dishes and evaluate the quality, flavor, and, of course, the presentation. A professional caterer should take pride in their culinary creations and be willing to provide you with the opportunity to taste their offerings; just move on to the next one if they say no to the tasting session. 

Always Look into Reviews

As stated earlier, the food is going to be one of the most important aspects when it comes to planning this event. So, of course, you’re going to want to check for references and read online reviews from previous clients. You might find these on websites such as https://chutzpahdeli.com/restaurants-that-cater-in-northern-virginia/, maybe Google My Business, blogs, Yelp, and sometimes you can even find reviews on their Facebook page too. 

How’s Their Presentation and Decor?

In general, it’s best to try not to do a back and forth with emails or phone calls, and it’s best to sit down and have a tasting session because this gives you the chance to ask questions, too. One key thing to discuss is the presentation and decor elements the caterer can provide. This means that you’ll want to ask about table settings, linens, centerpieces, and any additional decorations they can offer to complement the overall theme and ambiance of your event.

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