What Features Of Beer Patio Umbrellas To Consider Before The Purchase?

Written By Alla Levin
January 24, 2024

Features Of Beer Patio Umbrellas To Consider Before The Purchase?

If your establishment has a summer terrace, we recommend installing a beer umbrella, allowing customers to enjoy the outdoors without fear of exhausting heat or precipitation. The best option is to install custom patio umbrellas, which will serve as protection from rain or sun and promote your institution. You can wonder how this is possible. Let’s discuss it in our article.

Benefits of Beer Logo Patio Umbrellas

Instead of the usual unremarkable umbrellas, you can use printed patio umbrellas with logos designed to all your wishes.

 With such canopies, you can:

  • Improve brand visibility and promotion

Bright and original umbrella is an excellent marketing tool that will attract the attention of customers looking for an exciting place to relax with a good range of alcoholic beverages.

  • Inform visitors about what types of beer they can try at you

Now, they don’t need to enter the bar to find it out: all the necessary information can be found on the umbrella!

  • Increase sales

The higher the demand for products, the higher your business’s income. And it will grow when you install the original beer patio umbrellas. Are you looking for quality beer logo patio umbrellas for sale? You can order them on the UBC Group USA website.  The brand specializes in beer equipment and can help in choosing a canopy that will promote your bar or restaurant.

Key Features to Consider

To choose an umbrella that will serve you as long as possible, be sure to pay attention to:

  • Product frame

The frame material must be durable and, at the same time, flexible enough to withstand different loads. We recommend installing beer logo windproof umbrellas with aluminum frames for establishments operating in a humid climate or with frequent sharp gusts of wind.

  • Canopy material

Do you know if patio umbrellas are waterproof?

Ask the vendor:

Should a waterproof patio umbrella be covered with a special coating or moisture-resistant fabric? In addition, beer logo sun umbrellas should have a UV coating and be fade-resistant; thus, the umbrellas will serve you as long as possible, and the advertising applied will be visible to all visitors.

  • Shape

Do you want the canopy to make a good shadow? When choosing beer logo shade umbrellas, consider that the product should be 5 feet larger in diameter than the area you want to shade.

Customization Options


Are you looking for unique beer logo patio umbrellas? UBC Group USA will gladly help you with the choice of branded patio umbrellas and will do everything to ensure that they meet the business promotion goals. If you do not know what your canopies should be, the brand representatives will take on all the tasks of developing the original logo or image for your custom patio umbrellas.

Patio Umbrellas Buying Guide for Businesses

Ready to order promotional patio umbrellas for bars? Follow the recommendations:

  • Decide on the size, color, style, and number of bar umbrellas.
  • Register on the UBC Group US website. This will give you access to wholesale prices and allow you to place orders.
  • Place your order with the logo or slogan that should be on your products. If you don’t have one, ask the company to develop it for you.
  • The products are shipped 24 hours after placing the order.

UBC Group USA is a proven partner and assistant in selecting beer-themed patio umbrellas!

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