4 COVID Predictions for 2024

Written By Alla Levin
February 22, 2024

4 COVID Predictions for 2024

When COVID-19 first appeared several years ago, it caused a near panic in many parts of the world. There were government shutdowns and supply shortages. Many people died, and others got very ill.

Things got better with the release of vaccines and the rapid at-home COVID test. Gradually, the world learned to cope with COVID as it went from a pandemic to being endemic. That means it’s a part of the world, but it does not have the same deadly effects that it once did.

What might happen with COVID in 2024? Here are a few predictions.

Fewer People Will Die from It

As more years pass, and vaccines and testing are more readily available, it makes it likely that fewer people will die from it. Part of why COVID was so dangerous in the beginning was that it was a brand-new virus. Since no one had ever encountered it before, no one had any immunity to it. That is what caused so many deaths and widespread illness.

Now that the virus is endemic, most people have had it at least once, if not several times. Many of them have also had the initial vaccine, as well as booster shots. When that happens, it makes death from the virus less likely. It can still happen, but those who are most at risk are the ones who refuse to be vaccinated, the elderly, or those who are already immunocompromised.

It Will Continue Mutating

Viruses mutate. They do so naturally, and it’s impossible to stop. It’s a certainty that the COVID virus will continue to mutate. That’s troubling to think about, but it’s probably not something worth losing any sleep over.

A new strain of the virus might make you ill if you encounter it, but it probably won’t kill you, provided you’ve received the vaccine and gotten a recent booster shot. Again, those who are most at risk are older individuals or those who are immunocompromised.

The CDC and WHO Won’t Recommend Quarantining Anymore

The WHO and the CDC are regarded as reputable health entities. Lately, they have been saying things suggesting they may not recommend quarantining if you catch COVID.

They may say that you don’t need to quarantine anymore if you catch it, or they might shorten the length of time that they recommend you should quarantine. Most people should feel happy about these developments.

COVID Predictions for 2024: Some People Will Continue to Downplay It

Some stubborn people have said from the beginning that COVID was a hoax, or they downplayed it and said it wasn’t very dangerous. Some of them went to their graves saying these things.

Doubtless, some individuals will continue telling anyone who listens that COVID doesn’t exist, or they may have much more bizarre conspiracy theories than that. The best thing to do with those who choose to deny reality is usually to ignore them. Trying to use logic to convince them will probably frustrate you and get you nowhere.

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