The Top 5 Tourist Attractions of Ocean City NJ

Written By Alla Levin
April 24, 2024

Tourist Attractions of Ocean City, NJ


  • Diverse Attractions: Ocean City features a boardwalk, amusement parks, and beautiful beaches, appealing to all ages.
  • Family-Oriented and Profitable: The area is family-friendly and ideal for profitable Airbnb rentals.
  • Unique Shopping Experience: Stainton’s offers a unique shopping experience with over seventy stores selling a wide range of unique souvenirs.

With spring finally here, many people are packing their bags and visiting some of New Jersey’s best tourist spots. It’s no secret that one of New Jersey’s finest places to visit is the Jersey Shore.

The beach in New Jersey is one of its most iconic sights, with many tourists visiting every year. As a popular destination for residents of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, New York, and even overseas, the Jersey Shore has a little something for everybody.

If you have a property, such as a home or room you’d like to list as an Airbnb rental, it’s a good idea to speak with an Airbnb management company in Ocean City NJ to make the most financial profit out of your space. As you will see from this post, there are plenty of reasons to visit Ocean City, and here are the top five tourist attractions that this lovely part of NJ has to offer.

The Ocean City Boardwalk

The boardwalk in Ocean City is the first tourist attraction on our list, and for a good reason: there is no place on earth like it. With quirky storefronts full of souvenirs, pizza parlors, amusement parks, and plenty of sweets, you’ll feel like you’re in a true vacation paradise.

The Ocean City Beach

Let’s not forget the beach! Everyone loves to have fun in the sun, and Ocean City Beach has some of the cleanest, most gorgeous beaches around. Make sure to pack your beach towels, sunscreen, bottled water, treats, and more so you can make the most out of your stay on the sandy shores of Ocean City.

Playland’s Castaway Cove

Who can resist an amusement park, especially when it overlooks the beautiful view of the beach? You’ll find your favorite amusement park rides here, such as roller coasters, scream machines, super slides, go-karts, swings, and so much more. You’ll feel like a child again, no matter your age!

Totally Tubular Aqua Park

As if it weren’t enough to visit the beach to get your water fix, Ocean City offers a Totally Tubular Aqua Park where you can enjoy a family-friendly experience by climbing, sliding, and jumping through an inflatable obstacle course on the ocean. Talk about a unique and exciting experience for all!

Shop at Stainton’s

If you enjoy shopping, there is no experience like Stainton’s, where you can browse through a collection of over seventy distinct shops. If your friends and family back home are demanding a unique souvenir from your Ocean City stay, go to Stainton’s.

There are a variety of different items you can purchase, from jewelry, candles, art, apparel, and much more.

Ocean City, NJ, truly has something for everyone. This wholesome part of the Jersey Shore is mainly considered a dry town that is more family-friendly, which adds to its charm and distinctively sets its niche.

There is nothing quite like a good stay in Ocean City, where you can take in the scent of funnel cake against the ocean sea and leave with days of fond memories.

Don’t forget to list your Ocean City property if you’re looking to host it as an Airbnb because you’ll be able to make a good financial profit from it, considering how in-demand this location is.

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