A Guide to Rebranding Business

Written By Alla Levin
April 26, 2024

A Guide to Rebranding Your Business

The idea of a rebranding is appealing because, in theory, it will work something like a do-over, a chance to debut yourself again, but with the all the experience and audiences that you’ve gained up to this point still intact.

However, it has to be something that you think about and execute carefully. It can’t be something you deploy repeatedly as this makes it more likely to lose its impact, and you have to be precise about the areas you improve.

This is a potentially very beneficial direction for you to take; you need to follow in the footsteps of those who have made it work before while incorporating your own unique take on it.

Your Logo

One of the easiest ways to signal to your audiences that changes are coming where your brand is concerned is to mix up the logo. You might be hesitant about doing this due to your logo has power when it comes to brand awareness since it’s something that people can instantly link to your business.

However, a successful logo redesign can take the essence and core of your logo and improve those elements for a cleaner, more refined result.

Of course, your logo is tied more deeply to your brand than that, and it’s something that’s often going to be reflected in the aesthetic of your storefronts and websites, meaning that you have to consider this when planning visual changes.

Your MarketingRebranding Your Business

The main way that these changes are going to be communicated to your audiences is going to be through your marketing.

However, it might also be that your marketing was part of the problem beforehand; perhaps you thought it wasn’t successful enough, or you felt as though you weren’t taking advantage of every possible form of marketing out there.

A lot of this is going to have to do with your resources and how far they can go, but understanding how impactful something like video marketing or RSM marketing can be for your brand might help you to better allocate your marketing funds and emerge with stronger campaigns.

When you’re going into this rebranding, you might also find that a promotional campaign is a good way to draw in old and new customers alike. A discounted period or free trial can let people know what you’re all about, helping you get your foot in the door and make a positive first impression that will keep them coming back.

Improvements on Board

In order for this rebranding effort to mean something to your customers, they’re going to want to hear that their feedback has been taken on board. If they buy into the marketing around your rebranding only to find that your company is exactly the same as it always was, just with a fresh coat of paint, they might leave with no intention of returning.

Using this time to address the most common criticisms that you see of your brand in the feedback you’ve received or data you’ve analyzed can help your business to come out stronger and more appealing.

Understanding which pieces of feedback to pay the most attention to might come down to how often you see them coming up, it’s a game of sample size. One single criticism might be an anomaly, but the same issue reported by hundreds of customers could be a different story.

What’s Different?

While making improvements is important, it might be something that you’re doing throughout your business anyway. With this in mind, what’s actually going to be different about your brand going forward? What makes this rebranding worth all the time and effort that you’re putting into it?

As mentioned earlier when it comes to the promotional offer marketing, you have a chance to show new customers what your brand is offering, however, this is also your chance to demonstrate to returning customers what has changed.

It could be that you’ve undergone some structural changes that can allow for more efficient operations, or you might have taken some time to adjust your business plan and come out more organized, with a clearer focus of what kind of brand you want to be and how you’re going to get there.

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