Find Out The Best Deals in Cancun at Ventura Park

Written By Alla Levin
May 03, 2024

Find Out The Best Deals in Cancun at Ventura Park


  • Special Promotion 30% Discount: Use the code FUN30 to receive up to 30% off on Fun and Platinum tickets. Note that this discount is valid only for purchases made at least three days in advance and requires proof of Mexican nationality at the park.
  • Kids Free at Ventura Park: With every adult ticket purchased online using the code JRGRATIS, one child enters for free. This promotion applies to Fun and Platinum passes and must be purchased at least one day in advance. It’s a great way to save up to 30% off your budget from April 9 to 26.
  • 2X1 on Birthday: Celebrate your birthday month with a buy one, get one free offer on Fun and Platinum passes. This deal includes food, non-alcoholic drinks, and access to all park attractions. Just present a valid ID to confirm your birth month.

Are you looking for a place to spend the summer with your family? It’s time to discover the deals in Cancun with Ventura Park. It is one of the most important water parks in the region, and now you will see everything it has for you.

Nowadays, it is one of the favorites of thousands of people who want to have great fun without spending large sums of money. Oh, and the best thing is that it has various promotions that fit your expectations.

Get comfortable and discover everything there is for you:

What are the deals in Cancun at Ventura Park?

Ventura park is a water amusement park that offers many alternatives to have a good time no matter who you meet. You can go with your children, parents, and siblings and we assure you that you will have an excellent time.

Let’s now see what are the best deals in Cancun with Ventura Park:

Special promotion 30% discount

This is one of the best deals in Cancun with Ventura Park. Here, you will get up to 30% off Fun and Platinum tickets at regular price with the codeFUN30.

It should be noted that the project is valid only for next April 30, applies only to regular prices, and you have to purchase at least three days in advance.

On the other hand, you have to prove your Mexican nationality at the park ticket offices for subsequent approval.

Kids free at Ventura Park

Do you have children in your family and don’t know what to do with them on these holidays? Take a look at this deal in Cancun with Ventura Park. This is the free kid’s promotion in Cancun and applies to all online purchases by an adult with the code JRGRATIS.

You can also request it through the Call Center without any inconvenience. The program applies to FUN and PLATINUM passes, and you must purchase them one day in advance.

It will be available from April 9 to 26, and you will save up to 30% of your budget. What are you waiting to book?

2X1 on birthday

Another deal in Cancun with Ventura Park is the 2X1 in the birthday month. This is a 2X1 promotion for Fun and Platinum passes in your anniversary month, so you don’t have to celebrate that specific day to enjoy the benefit.

The entrance includes all kinds of food, non-alcoholic drinks, slides, and a wave pool, so you can imagine as if you were on the beach.

To prove that your birthday is during that month, you will have to present an Official ID to prove your specific date.

This applies to regular and local prices when paying for an adult at the standard price, receiving in exchange an equal ticket for an adult or a minor.

Are you ready to celebrate your birthday in style?

What are the entrances to Ventura Park?

Do you want to take advantage of some of the deals in Cancun with Ventura Park? Take a look at each of the passes that the park offers so you can delight in the plans they have for you:

✅Pass Platinum

First of all we have the Platinum pass. The first thing you need to know is that it includes all the attractions of the FUN ticket and also offers you the Wet’n Wild along with pools and slides so you can cool off from the heat in the summer.

It also gives you access to the Aah Ventura world, where you can zip line in an aerial park that will test your fear of heights.

In addition, it gives you a top-level go kart so you can demonstrate your skills with your companions. This way, you will have four worlds at your disposal so you can have fun throughout the day.

The price is 769.30 Mexican pesos for adults, while children pay 663.30 pesos.

✅Pass Fun

On the other hand, we have the famous Fun Pass, one of the favorite packages for those who have children.

The first thing you have to know is that it immerses you in the world of Wet’ Wild with up to 8 water attractions with pools, slides, descents, and spectacular water jets that will simulate as if you were on the beach.

The little ones will be able to enjoy themselves safely in Kid’s Park and Wet Bubble, where they can jump and slide on slippery surfaces without any risk.

Oh, and if that were not enough, this pass takes you to Ahh Ventura, which has several zip lines facing the ocean in the Cancun hotel zone, so you can enjoy the best view of its hanging bridges.

How much do you have to pay? 699.30 Mexican pesos for adults and 594.30 pesos for children. What are you waiting for to buy?

✅VIP Pass

The VIP pass is the most prestigious of all, and it gives you a world full of fun through different attractions in front of the Caribbean Sea itself.

This time it offers you up to 5 different worlds, including the Underworld, where you will enjoy various virtual reality activities to project yourself in about 30 years.

The price is 2,099 Mexican pesos for adults and 1,699 pesos for children between 5 and 11 years old.

And do you already know what the offer in Cancun with Ventura Park is that you will take advantage of? We read you in the comments.

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