Phuket Thailand Vacation Planning Pointers

Written By Alla Levin
May 07, 2024

Phuket Thailand Vacation Planning Pointers


  • Geography and Accommodations: Phuket is Thailand’s largest island, known for its world-class beaches on the west coast and stunning surrounding islands like the Andaman chain. Consider all-inclusive resort packages to simplify planning and transportation.
  • Transportation: For local travel, look for the baht-bus or Song Taew, colorful trucks with covered seating that operate on fixed routes. They are an affordable and frequent option for getting around the cities.
  • Weather Considerations:
    • March-June: Hot, with temperatures ranging from 30-40°C (86-104°F). April’s Songkran festival features fun, city-wide water fights.
    • July-October: Monsoon season with the most rainfall, temperatures range from 26-34°C (79-94°F). Rain is frequent, but it doesn’t rain every day.
    • November-February: Ideal weather with comfortable nights and warm days; temperatures range from 23-29°C (73-84°F), making it peak tourist season with higher prices and more visitors.
  • Cultural Tips: Thai culture appreciates kindness and is non-aggressive. Be prepared for differences in laws, body language, and communication.

Hi there. In this brief, I hope to give you a few pointers for vacationing on Phuket Island. I was lucky enough to have kind guidance when I arrived, and I’ve lived here for over ten years. Allow me to pass that on… maybe not the “living here” part just yet.

We will cover some basic information about the island and area; resort packages, getting around, and local weather for your planning. Ready?

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. The west coast is covered in world-class beaches and places to stay. There are many islands of epic beauty in the area around Phuket. The Andaman chain is near perfection. Make it part of your plan.

All-inclusive packages from Phuket will cover some transportation to sites. There will be an additional boat or ferry fee when used. If you are a digital nomad, you will know where you want to call home once you’ve seen the Andaman Islands. If you are not, you will consider it for retirement.

Having an all-inclusive package in Phuket means you will incur some costs for food and beverages when you leave the property.

You didn’t come to Thailand to hold back. Find a baht-bus or Song Taew driving on a planned route in the cities. Each route is a different color truck with covered seating in the back. They are cheap and frequent.

I mentioned the weather earlier. Get here when the weather suits you to be outside. Sites, landmarks, restaurants, bars, clubs, markets, and shops are all outside.

There will be sweat and rain. Everyone else is sweating or covered in rain as well. Be ready with a disposable rain jacket from the store and body powder in your bag for the heat.

✅March-June                        30-40c (86-104f) Temperature min/max varies over Thailand. You can expect the hottest during this timeframe.  April hosts a party holiday called SongKran. It is founded on an old watering tradition. This holiday includes massive water fights in cities or village centers. I have waded through an entire day of over 150,000 people with water guns. Hot and fun.

✅July-October                      26-34c (79-94f) Generally considered the monsoon season, most rainfall happens during this time.  It will not rain every day but often. The rain could last all day in some locations. Rain will fall during other seasons as well. Oct-Nov is the best for me, weather and tourist volume-wise.

✅November-February      23-29c (73-84f) Near sublime, with comfortable nights and warm days that won’t melt you. Understandably peak holiday tourist season.  Expect higher prices, more people, etc., but you are still in Thailand, on a beach, with a fresh coconut.

The laws, cultures, body language, and communication are all different. Thai people are happy and kind but do not like aggression. Enjoy Thailand. All-inclusive packages in Phuket include the flora, fauna, sites, sounds, smells, tastes, and experiences with wonderful locals.

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