Should You Buy A Pressure Washer?

Written By Alla Levin
May 08, 2024
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Should You Buy A Pressure Washer?


  • Cost varies by type: Gas washers are more powerful and expensive; electric models are cheaper.
  • Usage frequency matters: Buy for regular use, rent for occasional tasks.
  • Consider professional services: Hiring experts can be more efficient for one-off jobs.

Owning a pressure washer has become a lot more popular in recent years. But are they worth the purchase? It all depends on your budget and what you will be using them for. This post delves into a few more things to consider when buying a pressure washer.

How much does a pressure washer cost?

The average cost of a pressure washer in the US is currently $246. However, pricing depends on what pressure washer you’re looking to buy. 

Gas pressure washers are the most powerful and long-lasting options – and they cost the most. The average cost of a gas pressure washer is currently $379. Some gas pressure washers for commercial use can even cost thousands. 

Electric plug-in pressure washers are typically better suited to light-duty tasks. They cost much less than gas pressure washers (on average about $167). Cordless battery-powered pressure washers are slightly more pricey, costing an average of $182. 

Pressure washer repair can vary in cost. Gas pressure washers often cost more to repair than electric pressure washers, but can also be more durable. You may be able to save money on repairs by buying your own parts. For example, you can buy parts like a new pressure washer hose quite cheaply online.

You should also apply chemicals for certain tasks before pressure washing (like cleaning the patio). You will need to budget the cost of these chemicals, too. 

What can you use a pressure washer for?

Pressure washers are only worth buying if you’re going to use them regularly. There are many potential uses for a pressure washer, but it depends on how powerful the pressure washer is and what use you can take advantage of.

A lot of cordless battery-powered pressure washers and low-end plug-in electric pressure washers max out at 1000 PSI. These can be used for tasks like cleaning your bike, car, BBQ, or patio furniture. 

A high-end electric-pressure washer or gas-pressure washer may be necessary for more heavy-duty tasks. Pressure washers that go up to 4000 PSI can be used to clean decks and patios, clean siding, clean driveways, remove oil stains, and even strip paint (on the highest setting).  

Are you better off hiring a pressure washer?

You can hire a pressure washer for about $100 per day. If you’re looking to use a pressure washer for a single task, you’re better off hiring a pressure washer instead of buying one. Similarly, if you’re only going to be using your pressure washer every other year to clean the patio, hiring a pressure washer may be more economical.

If you’re going to be cleaning your car with it every month or regularly cleaning surfaces around the home throughout the year, then buying a pressure washer may be a better solution. You only need to hire a pressure washer four times, and you’ve made up the average cost of buying a gas pressure washer.

It’s worth noting that on top of hiring these tools, you can hire pressure washing services to take care of pressure washing tasks for you. This could be a better option for one-off jobs like cleaning the patio if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. You can also be certain that the job will be done to a high standard. 

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