7 Best Performing Curtains to Note For Your Bedroom

Written By Alla Levin
July 27, 2021

7 Best performing Curtains to Note For Your Bedroom

Bedrooms are synonymous with your personal space – the one where you relax, rejuvenate, and rewind your memories. However, when it comes to finding the best bedroom curtains, you need to think beyond the fabrics and aesthetics. As per the study, the flow of light is the primary factor affecting your sleep, so choose your curtains wisely as it may affect your physical and mental health.

Interior decorations such as curtains add an aesthetic appeal and a sense of touch to your rooms. Curtains are available in various fabrics such as velvet, silk, cotton, tulle, and more intricate patterns and luscious designs. Most homeowners prefer sheer curtains that have lightweight appeal for modest homes, while for the formal rooms, they are likely to have a velvet or tulle curtain. With this article, we will be sharing with you the seven best-performing sheer curtains for your bedroom.

Defined as the level of opacity and types, here are the top seven curtains to note for your bedroom:

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains add a sense of touch and warmth to the eyes while adding an aesthetic appeal to your bedroom. They help the natural light easily flow into your room while maintaining some degree of security and privacy too. They also allow natural air ventilation in the rooms letting the cool breeze flow in during warm summers. You can easily find them in neutral shades, striped and plain patterns, embroidered and floral designs that match the room decor. 

Semi-opaque CurtainsSheer curtains 

Adding a level higher than the sheer curtains regarding privacy allows daylight to flow in your bedroom even when closed. You can combine them with other curtains or hang them with dual-rods to customize the opacity level.

Blockout Curtains

Blockout, as the term says they block light to enter into the room when closed. Made of heavier materials, they can block the flow of natural air and light into your bedroom and add high-level privacy. So, if you consider a window treatment for your bedrooms beyond the decorative purpose, these functional window drapes can be your option.

Curtain Liners

These optional add-ons add a perfect level of versatility, durability, and privacy. To elevate the aesthetics of your bedroom on a fixed budget, you can add it to your sheer curtains without belittling the gorgeous design and patterns. They also come with exceptional features such as soundproof and insulation attributes, perfect for all weather and climatic conditions.

Single Panel Curtains

A single panel curtain can entirely cover the window. This easy-to-pull, open, and tie curtain is the right fit if you are not a fan of heavy window drapes. You can slide them easily forward and backward and tie them to create a rich, asymmetrical look. They add a classic, timeless look to your bedrooms, making them great decorative assets.

Panel Pair Curtains

A pair of single panel curtains is one of the most contemporary and timeless styles. You can place the panel pair on the center or either side of the window. In addition, you can tie them separately on each side of the window to create a perfectly symmetrical look. They are available in various patterns and styles that can complement the rich look of your bedroom.

Best Performing Curtains: Valance Curtains

The cutest and the trendiest of all are short curtains that you can hang at the top of your curtains. Considered an optional decor to your window curtains or drapes, they are a great way to elevate the room decor, especially the bedrooms, with a contemporary look. You can buy these separately or as a window treatment set.

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