Comfortable Working Environment For Employees
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Comfortable Working Environment For Employees

With temperatures heating up over the summer months, things can start getting very uncomfortable in your office – especially in big cities. Temperature fluctuations on both sides can impact productivity, so how does it affect your workplace?

From difficulty focusing to the risk of health problems, if the temperature isn’t right for your teams, you could face some difficult times this summer.

Creating a comfortable working environment is a must for healthy, happy employees. So how do you get yours ready for the summer months? Take a look at the following suggestions.

Monitor the temperature

Before you can make any adjustments in your workplace, you need to know what you’re up against. Monitoring the temperature is a good way to start.

Take readings at different times of day to see just how warm things get in the office. 68℉ to 76℉ is the recommended range for workplace temperatures, although there are no official guidelines in place.

Depending on your results, you can then start making plans to help ensure your workplace remains a safe and comfortable place to work at all times.

Consult your employees

Your employees work in your office, so you must consult them about their working conditions.

Surveys are a good way to find out how your employees are finding work and whether any conditions may be making things extra difficult, such as menopause, which you’ll need to factor into any decisions you make.

Informal conversations with employees about how they’re feeling in the office may also help. 

Add heating and air conditioning

Once you understand the conditions in your office, you can ensure that a constant temperature is maintained, and one way to do this is through installing an effective air conditioning system.

While these are standard in most office buildings, they may not be working as effectively if they haven’t been used in a while. Regular maintenance from HVAC services experts can help you keep your equipment in working order, and regular inspections will also keep things running smoothly.

You may also need to consider providing fans and other equipment to your teams to help them stay cool if they’re still feeling the heat during the summer months. 

Encourage flexible working

One of the most considerate things you can do as an employer during warm summer weather is to provide flexible working. Give your employees the choice to work from home if they want to, or any other location they feel comfortable.

Alongside all of the other benefits of flexible working, this gives employees the opportunity to alter their hours or location to help them work when they’re at their most productive.

It also means they can avoid a difficult commute, feeling sweaty, flustered and dehydrated before they’ve even made it to the office!

Promote desk breaks

It’s not always easy to encourage teams to take desk breaks, but where possible, try to get this into your employees’ mindsets. A break from the office for some fresh air can help employees regain their focus, and even give their mental health a boost.

Encouraging employees to take better breaks should be done year-round, but it can be extra helpful in the summer months when conditions might be particularly challenging.

Provide some guidance to keep employees safe

Giving your employees additional guidance to stay safe during periods of high temperatures can give them some food for thought and help them plan accordingly. Some guidance you could provide includes:

  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially when the temperatures are high. (You could also provide information on different water points throughout your workplace).
  • Take breaks away from the desk to get some fresh air. (If your workplace has outside areas, make sure they’re available for people to use).
  • Wear comfortable clothing. (If your employees wear uniforms or you have a strict dress code, you could relax this during the summer months). 
  • Plan journeys carefully, avoiding times when public transport may be particularly busy. (This is where flexible working can come in handy to help employees manage their working hours).

There may be specific guidance to put in place that’s unique to your workplace, such as policies around windows and controlling temperatures in the office.

With some carefully taken measures, you can help your employees stay cool and comfortable during the summer months, helping to keep them productive and happy.

An uncomfortable workplace can be very tough to deal with, so get ahead by planning for each season in advance – your employees will thank you for it!

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