Remote Desktop for DoCoMo 3G phones
Mobile2PC is an application designed for NTT DoCoMo 3G phones that allows you to connect to your PC and control it from your phone (like the WinXP remote desktop feature or VNC). Nothing particularly new here, as Ive been doing this for 4 years with my Pocket PC and my AirH, and for 2 years with Pocket PC 3G phones, but its always fun to see that Japan is not always on the leading edge for everything.

[Akihabara news]

  • I totally agree with you on your last sentence about Japan not always on the leading edge for everything. I guess I want to believe that because Im from Korea myself. You know Ive recently read an article from talking about a similar issue. My interest for mobile industry is pretty recent and Ive always thought Korea was in the lead of mobile industry. I guess they are in many ways but I guess theyre not always on the lead either. Thanks for the great blog. Ill try to come by often!