For the last year i’m sucessfully using Text Link Ads to sell links on my blogs. To say honestly i’m very satisfied with this company.

They didn’t have tons of publishers or advertisers yet but they had a great infrastructure built with plugins. And Text Link Ads is ideal solution for bloggers as all you have to do is to install the plugin. Moreover they allows you to sell links from your particular posts which is exclusive offer on the market.

Form my experience Text Link Ads was bringing me even more money than Adsense so its really worth it to try. Lets assume you are looking to find a legal way to keep you links on well known and reputable sites? Go to Text Link Ads, select sites and you are done. I’m absolutely sure that worth it.

So if you follow my advice proceed to Text Link Ads and good luck!

  • So Text Links Ads can be more profitable than Adsense, I guess it depends on what market you’re in.

  • Jake

    Everybody mentions TLA but there are other services on the market which really work and are really less expensive than TLA. I joined and their commisions are lower, so webmasters earn more and advertisers spend less. That service started operating just some months ago but they already have lots of links to buy and lots of advertisers to sell those links to.

  • I am definitely going to try this out for my website.