Proven Hacks To Boost Your Blog SEO

Written By Alla Levin
May 04, 2021

Proven Hacks To Boost Blog SEO

A good number of companies add blogs to their business websites. Having said that, only a handful of brands leverage SEO to boost their online visibility. Search engine optimization is simply the surest way to get your blog to rank organically. Blog SEO matters because it helps drive a massive amount of traffic to your business page, from which you can convert prospects into clients. Here are five proven hacks to boost your blog SEO without breaking a sweat.

Get your keyword research right

Some businesses only decide to pick random topics to write about, thinking that their readers will be interested in them. However, it turns out doing guesswork does not contribute much to organic ranking. You should research your keywords carefully and find ways to incorporate them into your blog posts naturally. Rather than relying on blind guesses, conduct proper keyword research to get good ideas on the terms your audience has been searching for. Doing this will help you create content that resonates with the interest of your target consumers. You can use SEO tools such as SEMRush to perform competitor analysis and boost your brand awareness.

Get a compelling blog name

Marketers are encouraged to exercise creativity when naming the blogs on their websites. Your blog name serves as an excellent opportunity for SEO optimization, so use a compelling name instead of going with the usual title “Blog.” To choose an effective blog name, you may have to ask yourself the following crucial questions: What’s the central theme of the business blog? What term accurately describes your industry? Is there a way to add SEO keywords in the blog title or name? Who are the target audiences of the blog? Be creative, and choose SEO-friendly blog titles such as Ecommerce Store Blog (i.e., if you own an online retail store), or maybe SportsWear Blog if your business sells sports attire.

Include optimized images and videos

Search engines prefer content with enough visual illustrations alongside meaningful content. Images and videos improve user experience and foster visitor engagement. But, most importantly, they form a core part of effective SEO techniques.

The idea seems to be backed by the saying that “a picture says a thousand words.”Consider adding more images to your blog posts and optimize them with descriptive alt tags. High-priority keywords can increase the SERPS ranking of your blog articles if you optimize them appropriately. Finally, motion pictures (videos) can keep the audience engaged with your content and provide another marketing opportunity.

Create comprehensive blog posts and hire SEO experts

Search engines fall in love with articles that discuss topics in great detail. Therefore, include semantically related keywords in your blog content as related keywords allow you to capture the variations of user queries on specific topics. Investing in an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert witness is often worth every penny. SEO gurus know the ins and outs of Google ranking factors, and they can use their skills to push your business on-page and off-page SEO.

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