New Advertising Method from KahDo

Written By Alla Levin
August 04, 2005

New Advertising Method from KahDo

KahDo is an innovative mobile communication medium set to blitz the city streets of Sydney and Melbourne by the end of the year. The new concept brings together advertisers and consumers through car leasing and advertising opportunities.

Drive a brand new SMART car for $35 per week, including all maintenance, rego and roadside assistance –  says their website!

With KahDo you can drive a great car at only a fraction of the normal cost, leaving you more money to enjoy a better lifestyle.

The cost of the vehicle is sponsored by advertising displayed on the body of the car.

Advertising is changed at least once a quarter. Currently, kahDo already closed the recruitment of drivers for our campaign in August.

However, anyone may fill in the online application form as KahDo will start recruiting more drivers in the very near future.

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