Cars of the Future or Incredible Automotive Designs

Written By Alla Levin
December 30, 2015

Future Cars – Automotive Design

As only we have entered the 21st century, I have started to think that magic doors have finally opened. I thought that through that doors hundreds of new inventions and the remarkable technologies which exist only in the movies would step into our daily life.

Well, yes, some of them have already stepped in and become popular. But it took a long time until those technologies found the most convenient shape for themselves. But some of them still keep existing not in the real-life of dreams, movies, ads, sketches.

What are these innovations and automotive design?

Is it possible to get rid of your junk your old vehicle in exchange for a new one?

What are the most popular and the most necessary things in the world? I am not talking about the phone or the computer now. Ask any guy, what would be the most desirable thing he would like to bring to existence from the movies? The most popular answer is the Batmobile or any other powerful car that was driven by the hero.

Automotive-Designs-Cars-From-The-Future-Glorin- P.Chioure
Design by Glorin P.Chioure

No wonder that the car is not just a necessary thing; it is a must-have for everyone nowadays. This invention that we use every single day can be easily improved or modified. And even it’s not possible we would like to add some magic to it, wouldn’t we?

Reliable, fast, comfortable, powerful, furious, and amazingly designed vehicle – that’s what we are talking about! Ok, where is the magic that is not so far from the reality?

The keywords that bring some magic into this statement are “amazingly looking cars,” or I better say breathtaking concept cars! Yes, those fantastic looking automotive design cars do exist, but mostly in the shape of sketches or drawings of automotive designs, for now.

So many creative automotive designers work hard, thinking way ahead in the future to create those cars. Those people are artists; let’s say even the prophets who know that one day, sooner or later, their dreams will excite future generations.

I was thinking about how it is just to have at least one look at their sketchbooks and to see just a few drafts of what they are dreaming about, what they are working, and from where they are generating an inspiration. Where does all this magic start?

Design by SungNak Lee

That’s right; the magic starts with the imagination and dreams of an automotive designer. They get the first shape in sketches, and if they are good enough, they reach a point of highest development and sometimes become even a roadworthy prototype. You see, the main dream of every automotive designer is the commercialization of the product and the full production of it.

But for sure, a lot of sketches of the concepts cars are looking good only in the papers and are not at all practical for everyday use. Some of the ideas are too expensive for the final product, but they still look dramatically amazing. Creating breathtaking concept car designs, the authors still keep working hard in order to reach their main goal – the recognition!

Automotive-Designs-Cars-From-The-Future- Niko-Pesa
Design by Niko Pesa

Automotive designs and production processes are complicated processes, but they truly deserve admiration.

So, here is all magic: the designers keep sketching, turning them into projects, making 3D printed prototypes, and presenting those brilliant concepts to the automotive producer giants. Endless and quite a long way to reach the future. So, the designers keep looking for inspirations everywhere; they keep creating, and who knows, maybe soon we will see those fabulous babes on our highways.

Technological advances in recent years open have opened unlimited opportunities for designers to bring into reality the most unexpected ideas. There is such a thin line that connects the dreams and the reality, who knows, maybe it will be erased in 2016.

The new year is coming, so let’s just enjoy some of the magnificent and innovative ideas of automotive designs.

Let us see how it look like known car brand of the future ⬇️

Incredible Automotive Designs of the Future for Apple, Opel, Kia, Audi, Peugeot, Alfa Romeo


Design by Sergey Rabchik
Design by Sergey Rabchik
Automotive-Designs-Cars-From-The-Future-Sergey Rabchik
Design by Sergey Rabchik


Seung-Yong- Chi-19-Automotive-Designs-Cars-From-The-Future
Design by Seung Yong Chi
Design by Seung Yong Chi


Automotive-Designs-Cars-From-The-Future-Tiago Aiello
Design by Tiago Aiello
Design by Tiago Aiello
Design by Tiago Aiello


Automotive-Designs-Cars-From-The-Future-SungNak- Lee
Design by SungNak Lee
Design by SungNak Lee
Design by SungNak Lee


Design by Robert Kovacs


Automotive-Designs-Cars-From-The-Future-Glorin- P.Chiourea
Design by Glorin P.Chiourea

Experimental Concept Cars

Design by Simon Waloszek


Automotive-Designs-Cars-From-The-Future-Artem Smirnov
Design by Artem Smirnov
Automotive-Designs-Cars-From-The-Future-Artem- Smirnov
Design by Artem Smirnov
Robert Kovacs-3-Automotive-Designs-Cars-From-The-Future
Design by Robert Kovacs


Design by Robert Kovacs
EXPERIMENTAL-concept-car-Sergei Firsov
Design by Sergei Firsov
Design by Kamil Podolak

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