Internet Vibes Newsletter #2

Written By Alla Levin
October 18, 2005

Internet Vibes Newsletter #2

Few news for those who want to know what’s up and what’s new on Internet Vibes!

1. We got wider:

Site now is targeted for 1024×768 resolution

2. We created Site A(d)ward program

Each hour new directory award is created. This is done by random pick up among selection from each category, so there are no special rules to apply for the Site A(D)wards raffle. All members are taken into account. When selected, member’s link is displayed during  ONE hour near the right side of the top Catalog banner.

3. We sell Pixel Ads!

We are proud to announce that we have joined Pixel Ads Insomnia and started selling Pixel on Internet vibes!

You may check how it looks at No huge 1000×1000 block – the site is running as well but now we have a small piece of modern pixel banner!

What are the advantages of buying pixel ad space on Internet Vibes?

There are few good reasons:

  1. It is industry leading Illustrated Website Directory;
  2. Excellent Page Ranks – Google Page Rank for front page is 6, Forum Rank is 6;
  3. Site is indexed every day by few dozens of spiders including Google, MSN, and others;
  4. The cost of a pixel block 10×10 is $100 dollars for 6 months.  This is a very small investment to expose your website;
  5. You can change (soon this will be fully automatic) or even resell your blocks!

What information will you need to provide us with to buy ad space?

  • Your Name 
  • Address of company or website
  • Email address 
  • The location on the grid where you would like to place your ad, should you decide on buying space on our Grid.

The minimum amount for a purchase is 100 pixels(one block). No links to pornographic or offensive material. If you change your website to one of a pornographic or offensive nature after your order has been processed, you will forfeit your spot without refund. However, we accept Erotic pages (related to art or models)

You will have a spot on the banner for six months Year. After this time, you will have the option to renew your ad space. You are free to rotate your icons at any time.

Volodymyr Danylyuk
Internet Vibes owner

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