FaviconizeTab – “Minimize” tabs in Firefox

Written By Alla Levin
November 15, 2006
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FaviconizeTab FaviconizeTab is an add-on for Firefox that does? shrinks tabs of your choosing down to the icon. While tab titles are handy to have, when it’s a tab you have open all day like your RSS reader, the title is inessential and just takes up space. FaviconizeTab frees up that space, which gives the other dozen tabs you have open more elbow room. In its Options you can choose to activate it with a double-click, Ctrl-click, Alt-click, or Shift-click, or just use the context menu, and if you have Firefox set up to restore your previous session’s tabs on start-up, FaviconizeTab will remember which tabs should be Faviconized.


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