RSS Tools and Services

Written By Alla Levin
January 15, 2007

RSS Tools and Services

Thanks to RSS feeds, many of your readers need not go and check your home page on the internet every single day to find out what are your latest news. With any web-based RSS reader like News AlloyGoogle Reader or Kinja anyone can keep himself updated to the many web sites that interest him by simply copying and pasting the URL laying behind those ubiquitous orange tags into their RSS reader/aggregator.

But RSS tools and services also include instruments that allow online publishers and power users to move beyond the standard base by:

  • Scraping and Creating custom RSS feeds from sites that do not have any
  • Generating your own RSS feeds even if you don’t have a web site
  • Mixing multiple RSS feeds into so-called newsreaders or master feeds
  • Receiving your RSS feed subscribed content within your preferred instant messaging tool
  • Converting RSS feeds in a variety of other formats
  • Tracking and monitoring web pages changes via RSS
  • Filtering RSS feeds from unwanted content
  • Publishing an easy to access page that simplifies RSS readers subscriptions
  • Generating serialized, cycling RSS feeds
  • Future-publishing and scheduling RSS post for delayed delivery
  • Tracking and monitoring the status of your RSS feeds and the content you read through them

On this article, you may find the most interesting and useful RSS tools showcased on this site in the last 12 months.

Visit RSS Tools and Services – The Best Picks From Sherwood

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