Play Protect to Certify Android Certified Devices

Written By Alla Levin
August 30, 2017
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Play Protect to certify Android certified devices

Google announces Android certified devices with the Play Protect brand to ensure a secure level. Android certified devices with a Google Play Protect logo affixed.

This will mean that the Android smartphone or tablet have met Google’s requirements, especially concerning security features.

Google says it has worked with manufacturers around the world to run hundreds of compatibility tests.

They are the guarantors that the devices are in compliance with the security model for Android, and for the management of the permissions.

These tests also verify that Google apps preinstalled on devices are genuine and that apps from the Play Store are working as expected.

For all that … the Google Play Store has just proved with WireX that it is not infallible and let’s pass from the pests.

The certification federates many brands. It is essentially a highlight of the Google Play Protect initiative, which basically only got to the surface of previously existing security measures.

We are not going to go so far as to say that all this is windy in that there are unscrupulous exotic manufacturers, but the objective seems essential to offer more visibility to the efforts undertaken with regard to safety. As if it were necessary to restore a clipped image.

Play Protect: Google monitors your apps

Google is steadily boosting the security of its Android OS and deploying Play Protect, an analysis module that will officiate directly on smartphones to monitor application activity including celebrity news apps.celebrity news apps

Because of its open side, Android sometimes suffers from a few flaws mainly exploited or implemented by applications distributed on the unofficial markets, but not that.

Recently, it has been shown that several requests distributed from the Play Store and presented as trustworthy were still polluted by malware still under the radars of Google’s monitoring tools.

Because there is the whole problem: if Google applies a check to the applications distributed in its Play Store, once installed by the user, there is still the risk of a malicious update being installed.

Google has just announced the deployment of Play Protect in Google Play Services 11 to improve the security of its system. It is a tool that can be accessed from device settings and monitors behavior Installed applications (fashion designers can also use this app).

If one of them behaves abnormally or extends its activity outside its supposed field of action, the user will receive a notification.

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