Are Your Headlines Lacking These Crowd-Pulling Techniques?

Written By Alla Levin
September 10, 2007
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What is the Purpose of Headlines?

What is the purpose of headlines? What are the catchy headlines examples? To cause readers to read the rest of the ad or article! Most ads or articles fail because the headlines are not captivating enough to draw readers’ attention. You have less than 3 seconds on the Internet to create an impression with your headlines. With the amount of information and ads, users are spoilt for choice. To captivate them, your headline must be Outstanding!

So, how are we going to write headlines that are crowd-pullers? Let me share three simple but effective techniques for attention-grabbing headline creation. You may check those online tools for writers that may come in handy.

Attention-grabbing headlines: have your readers in mind

When it comes to writing to sell, you must have your readers in mind. Don’t write to feed your ego. If you can connect with your readers’ needs, desires, or wants through your headlines, you are already halfway through making the sale or whatever you would have them do.

Some businesses and even advertising agencies still make the mistake of putting brands at the forefront. It is readers first, then your brand. The only exception to the rule is classic branded names like IBM, Microsoft, or Cocoa-Cola. These branded names are worth a fortune and very marketable. Until you’ve built a reputable business and people have come to trust your brand name, stick to this rule. Focus on your readers first, then your product or service.

Attention-grabbing Headlines Example…

“Super Weight Loss Pills, $25 per bottle”,

“Now, you can lose 20 pounds in 30 days with Super Weight Loss Pills.”

Obviously,” Which headline will draw readers? Apparently, It puts the reader first – you can lose 20 pounds in 30 days.

Here’s more…

“Enterprise Home Loans – Hassle-Free Financing.”

“Own Your Dream Home With Hassle-Free Financing From Enterprise Home Loans”#2

“Mama Mia Pizza – Simply Mouth-Watering”

“Tantalize Your Taste Buds with Mama Mia Mouth-Watering Pizza”

It’s not about your business or product. It’s about your readers. Watch the ‘You’ and ‘Your”. Place them in the foreground.

Attention-grabbing headlines: Pose a questionimpression with your headlines.

Headlines written in the form of a question are very effective, especially if they identify a specific problem, need, desire, or want of your readers. It engages readers right from the start. For example…

“Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?”

Those sick and tired of being sick and tired would be drawn into the ad or article.

More headlines in question form…

“Are You Suffering From Depression?”

“Is Search Engine Marketing Driving You Bonkers?”

“Do You Dream Of Having Your Own Successful Online Business?”

Arouse Curiositiesattention grabbing headlines

Words like ‘How to,’ ‘Secrets,’ ‘Discover’ arouse curiosity and urge readers to read more. Then it is up to your content, wordplay, and flow to keep them mesmerized. Savor these examples…

“How To Write Killer Headlines”

“Secrets of Surviving Google Dance”

“Discover Healthy Living The All Natural Way”

“10 Demons To Avoid in Your Website Design”

The ‘10 Demons’ adds an element of curiosity to the last headline. And if you combine question and curiosity in your headline, it’s become a double whammy.

Catchy Headlines Examples

“What’s Wrong with Marketing Hype?”

“Do You Make These Mistakes in Copywriting?”

The ‘What’s Wrong’ and ‘These Mistakes’ arouse curiosity. Now for more…

“Do You Know The Secrets To An Annual 6 Figure Salary?”

“Does Your Product Have All The Ingredients of a Bestseller?”

“What Are The Tell-tale Signs of a Rogue SEO Company?”

“Are Your Headlines Lacking these Crowd-pulling Techniques?”

Are the last headline sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Attention-grabbing Headlines: Test! Test! Test!

Remember, you are writing for your readers. You need to know what’s going on in their minds. A re-phrasing or re-wording in your headline can increase returns by as much as 500 percent without any changes in content. For each ad, write about a dozen headlines.

After you have crafted your headlines, do a preliminary test. Select 2 or 3 you think are the best. Send them to friends, colleagues, and family members. A pattern will emerge with valuable feedback.

Use the information to carve out a winning headline – one that pulls in readers and engages them. Internet marketing solutions to drive targeted web traffic to your site and make net profits. Information and software tools you need to market your online business effectively.

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