The Ultimate Guide to Video Advertising

Written By Alla Levin
March 09, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Video Advertising

Video ads are promotional content that plays before, during, or after streaming content. Some marketers have expanded the definition of video ads to include display ads and video content. For example, what plays when a person hovers over them, or native video ads advertised on digital advertising networks.

Because of this trend, many video editing applications and programs emerged online. As such, a reliable platform, like, must be able to help editors quickly organize their videos, be as playful as it could be, and must be easy to use. With a good video editor, marketers and business owners will accomplish their goals while lining up with today’s trends.

In line with this, having excellent knowledge of video advertising must be a great deal. People should be well-informed, and all necessary ideas should be shared. Fortunately, below is the compiled ideas and ultimate guide for the said field.

Current Status Of Video Advertising

Video advertising is one of the most popular ways to reach an online audience. Experts believe that video advertising will dominate the next decade, and it’s an ideal time for marketers to learn more about video advertising and explore how campaigns can improve reach and overall effectiveness.

Video marketing is growing in popularity, but it does not guarantee success for marketers. According to survey results, 60% of respondents believe too many ads are related to on-demand video platforms. In addition, 35% said they were dissatisfied with these ads because they couldn’t display the content they needed.

These statistics show that marketers need to be very careful in creating video ads that their audience perceives as valuable and relevant. The placement of video ads is also crucial because the goal is to keep all ad content as unobtrusive as possible.

Trends In Digital AdvertisingDigital Advertising

The world of digital video is not static. Veteran marketers know that they need to keep up with new developments to understand their audience’s needs. Also, it is essential to learn about the four related trends to watch, including the idea that video ads are not so short, mobile users tune longer, video advertising spending is on the rise, and animation is becoming more and more popular.

Display And Video Advertising

Display ads are paid ads that appear in digital spaces like websites, social networks, and apps. The earliest was a rectangular advertising banner at the top of the website’s main content. Display advertising aims to increase brand awareness and purchase intent. However, the CTR is only 0.05 for all formats. Others show off “banner blinds” that get tired of advertising and go unnoticed.

Due to the well-known shortcomings of display advertising, marketers had to look for other options like engaging in editing sites like This change has led to the best video ads to drive awareness, engagement, and conversion. 72% prefer video over text when learning about a product or service.

Also, according to Forbes, the average Internet user spends 88% more time on websites with videos than on websites without videos. Using video on landing pages increased conversions by 86% in one study.

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