A Little Attack Ad for Apple

There is a strain in the comments to this blog that I have some sort of axe to grind against Apple. Not so, although I certainly don’t think everything it does is wise. Let me say this: Apple’s Mac versus PC ads may be the best television and Web video out there.

The latest versions are a particularly masterful example of the iron fist in the velvet glove. As seen on many sites starting last week, the ubiquitous actors playing “Mac” and “PC,” Justin Long and John Hodgman, are on one side of the Web page. Above them is a banner ad showing a sign with the phrase “Don’t Give Up On Vista” in lights. Using some tricks involving Flash technology, when PC pushes a red button in an attempt to light the sign, it flashes just the words “Give Up” then “Give Up On Vista.” (Someone turned the Flash into a video and put it on YouTube.)

One problem: the ad seems to have crashed some users’ browsers, according to an article on the campaign in AdWeek.

But the fact remains that with Microsoft floundering, Apple can get very tough and still keep its bemused detachment.

Source: NY Times Blogs