Amazing Gallery of Retro Air Hostess Uniform

Written By Alla Levin
March 07, 2008

Retro Air Uniforms of Flight Attendants

I bet you love to travel by plane. It’s always exciting to step on the plane, to hear a great and so sweet “Welcome on board” words from always smiling, shining and beautiful flight attendants. They always look chic, sleek and marvelous. They are totally charming and sexy!

So many girls dream about how to become one of them, so many men dream about inviting one of them for the romantic date. The modern air hostesses have become fashion icons in some countries. Almost in every country, they have perfect uniforms, that quite often are designed by popular local or by well known international leaders of the fashion industry. But in the past when the fashion was different as well as everything else the stewardess was looking a bit various but not less beautiful. Now you can not just enjoy a beautiful

But in the past when the fashion was different. Everything was different, let`s see how the stewardess was looking at many years ago. Definitely, they were not less beautiful than now. Now you can not just enjoy a beautiful view from the aircraft cabin.

Let’s see how!

retro-uniforms-of-flight-attendants-7retro-uniforms-of-flight-attendants-1 retro-uniforms-of-flight-attendants-3 retro-uniforms-of-flight-attendants-4 retro-uniforms-of-flight-attendants-5 retro-uniforms-of-flight-attendants-8 retro-uniforms-of-flight-attendants-9


Retro Air Hostess Uniform_1



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