Hilarious Portraits of Up-Side-Down People Walking in Paris

Written By Alla Levin
January 09, 2014
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Up-Side-Down People Walking in Paris by Patrice Letarnec

What’s right-side-up? What’s up-side-down? It’s difficult to tell in these playfully bizarre photographs by French photographer and art director Patrice Letarnec.

The hilarious series, entitled Head Over Heels, documents several people as they walk around the streets of Paris on their hands.

To create the optical illusions, Letarnec places his subjects in outfits that look correct when up-side-down.

When each person flips to a handstand, the illusion suggests that oddly balanced headless figures are taking the phrase “head over heels” a little too literally.

Thick legs appear to be armed, and thin arms look like tiny stick legs in each disproportionate portrait. The odd series will undoubtedly inspire a double take to figure out what’s going on!










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