Freeze-Frame Creative Photography Ideas by Ravshaniya Azule

Written By Alla Levin
August 24, 2017

Art Photography: Levitating in the Air People

Ravshaniya is a creative pseudonym of a talented photo artist from Uzbekistan – Ravshaniya Azule.

Ravshaniya got acquainted with the basics of art photography at the university. Happy to introduce you, her latest series of art photographs with magnificent levitating people in the air.

Those fantastic artworks radiating an incredible and powerful feeling of a fairy-tale!

Just imagine that you took a room, including all the people inside, the furniture and all the other details and shook it up and then pressed a pause to took a picture and made a freeze frame.

As a result, you have got not just an image, art photography but a reflection of a suddenly activated gravity.

Art Photography_1


These beautiful freeze frame photographs are alive – they breathe! All the objects in these photographs are filled up with the kinetic energy of the translational motion.

The inanimate objects are slowly hovering down, and beautiful, sensual women in the fluttering outfits are flying up somewhere.

This project is the reflection of one of the most incredible creative photography ideas.

Ravshaniya works in the art photography genre. For this style of art photography, it is typical to use a significant variety of technical remedies.

The most vital for the art photographer it to keep himself inspired and motivated and to have a great creative vision.

Art Photography_2


All the people and objects that appeared on every photograph by Ravshaniya were captured in one shot.

The effect of levitation that we see in the picture is achieved by using different supports and suspensions that were disguised during processing. Looking for more fun?

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Art Photography_3 Art Photography_5 Art Photography_6 creative photography ideas creative photography ideas_2 creative photography ideas_4 creative photography ideas_6 photoshoot ideas photoshoot ideas _4 photoshoot ideas _6 photoshoot ideas_9 photoshoot ideas _19

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