7 Inspiring Travel Youtube Channels To Start Follow Right Now.

Written By Alla Levin
December 07, 2015

Inspiring Travel Youtube Channels To Start Follow

Traveling it’s always bright, exciting, unpredictable and of course, so interesting. More and more people open for themselves such an amazing hobby. More people travel, more they want to know; more people know, more of them are excited to share their experience with others.

That is why there are a lot of different, exciting blogs and vlogs out there that are devoted entirely to this topic. With the age of YouTube, you can start traveling the world right from your office or from home. So many people have already visited the most popular or still unknown destinations. Therefore, so much to learn from their experience or at least to get a huge inspiration.

I think the best way to start discovering this bright and unique world is to follow good quality YouTube channels. It’s a good way to explore the new things, get good quality and well-checked information with a great feeling of presence. I do like discovering new things on the internet as well. I am quite open to getting to know those guys who just recently joined the YouTube.

l know a lot of guys who have millions of subscribers, but what about to give some credit for the beginners? Very bright people who haven’t reached the mark of 100 000 subscribers. The channels they run a different from many others and i am absolutely sure you will find so much to learn from them!

Today I am going to tell you about eight astonishing and the different travel YouTube channels that you need to start following right now!

1. In Transit by Peter Bragiel.

Peter Bruegel on his channel tells us not only exciting and bright stories about the adventures of himself as a traveler but also does a great job to inspire others to go and explore the destinations. His recent trip took him down the entire length of the Mississippi River in a canoe. Amazing!!!

2.  HalfThrottle Motorcycle Adventures by Ryan Grassley.

Ryan Grassley reveals his travel secrets for us traveling by motorcycle. He also gives some professional advice on how to take care of your “Iron Horse” if you have one. He says that there is always another epic adventure around the corner. Let’s see…

3. Crunchie.

The Owner of the channel lives in Auckland, New Zealand. He rides Skateboard and takes you to follow him in his crazy adventures

4. Lonely Planet.

Yes, I know you all know the well-known travel guide. It’s not just a commercial its kind of inspiration guide for tourists. Simple form to provide you quick information on what to do in a given country. Also some good help and tips on how to communicate with locals and so much more. Of course, it’s all backed up by a beautiful picture!

5.  Hey, Nadine.

Nadine Sykora lives the video life. She is a travel blogger. YouTuber who travels the world and shares her experiences and travel expertise through her videos. She went to more than 45 countries and her passion besides travels is a comedy. Therefore you see incredible, funny and inspiring videos!

6.  High On Life.

They post weekly videos that inspire viewers to get out and explore the world. Well, yes they have more than 100 000 subscribers but what can I do, they are fantastic!

7. Vagabrothers.

Mark and Alex, two half-Californian/half-Kiwi brothers traveling the globe learning about the world through the people who live in it.

I hope you guys enjoyed and please share in the comments below your favorite travel YouTubers!

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