Restaurants You Should Visit One Day or Unusual Restaurants in the USA

Written By Alla Levin
April 25, 2016

Most Unusual Restaurants in the USA

The national feature of Americans is their free originality and desire for all unusual even when they talk about public catering places. Below we provide the Top-4 finest restaurants in the USA, especially for fans of adventures.

Restaurant “The Safe House” (city Milwaukee, Wisconsin state)

Restaurant _The_Safe_House _Milwaukee_Wisconsin_state

This restaurant is styled as the real cloak-and-dagger air! It would help if you told the password, which you can learn only on the restaurant’s website (section “FAQ”), to enter inside. When you are in, you will feel that you turned out to be in some secure bunker.

Secret rooms and hidden passes, walls with photos and notes about famous spies, waiters that make the impression of officers from CIA and the entire museum for equipment of special services, which was collected during many years. But the meals here are quite usual for American snack bars: rich steak, fried potatoes, etc.

Restaurant “The Airplane” (city Colorado-Springs, Colorado state)

Restaurant _The Airplane_city_Colorado_Springs_Colorado state

This restaurant is inside the real military Boeing KC-97, which was downgraded in the far 1953 and later it was bought by adventurous businessmen. After visiting this place, you will feel the conceptually new approach to the organization of “passengers’” catering.

Indeed, with the assumption that the feeling of flight will not leave you for a minute during all that time, you will sit at the comfortable table with the first-class dishes and will not squeeze behind the folding back of an armchair, picking the meager ration of set lunch. The interior, waiters (more precisely – stewardesses and stewards), and “typical” dishes will create the airline’s atmosphere!

Most Unusual Restaurants in the USA: Restaurant “Heart Attack Grill” (city Las Vegas, Nevada state)

Restaurant _Heart_Attack_Grill_city_Las_Vegas,_Nevada_state

The somewhat fearful name of this restaurant completely corresponds to its content. Here they will offer super caloric dishes to you: hamburgers with four loin chops, huge portions of French fries, cooked using the bacon, sweet milk cocktails, cola with sugar, etc.

Moreover, as you consume more and more calories, you will earn the scores, for which you may later order more and more new portions free of charge.
And when you get the colossal 8,000 calories, a charming waitress in the sexual dress of a nurse will personally see you off to your car, make your seat and tenderly ask about your well-being… The endless holiday of the belly!

Restaurant “The Cave” (city Richland, Missouri state)

Restaurant _The_Cave_city_Richland_Missouri_state

As you have guessed by its name, this restaurant is on the ground. In fact, this is the only restaurant in America, which is in the cave that makes it be an absolutely unique place for meals!
The dishes of classical American and Italian cuisine, including hamburgers, seafood, and pasta, are offered in the rocks, waterfall, and pond, where the fish is farmed.

One of the Most Unusual Restaurants in the USAThis cave in 1920 was arranged as the dance hall, but in the length of time, it was re-equipped into the restaurant, at which the second level there is the camping where you can lease the cottage. Check these amazing and cheap travel destinations.

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