Bali Travel Tips: Fascinating and Mysterious Places to See on Your Own Eyes

Written By Alla Levin
April 21, 2016

Bali Travel Tips: 6 Mysterious and Beautiful Places in Bali

Bali is a versatile island that fulfills all aspirations and dreams of those who come there. One can find many secret paths and reserved places among ocean waves and tropical jungles and be involved in the most real adventures. But on the island, there are places which are worth visiting without any doubts. The natives tell about them with joy; the tourist companies advertise them and all people, who even once visited the island, give a glowing account of them.

Bali Travel Tips: Deserted hotel Bedugul TamanDeserted_hotel_Bedugul_Taman

The first such place may be found among tropical bushes – Bedugul Taman, the deserted hotel, is one the best Bali Travel Tips. There is no especially mysterious legend associated with it. Still, the vast empty facility’s appearance, twined with the humid moss and surrounded with the massive statues of dragons, creates a particular mystical mood. And what a breathtaking look is opened from its roof! The green ocean of tropical forest, saturated with spicy and thick air, is the eternal silent source of inspiration.

The cultural center of Ubud IslandBali_Cultural_center_of_Ubud_Island

Ubud is a famous place of accommodation among tourists and downshifters. Here there are a lot of creative workshops, centers devoted to different kinds of art, etc. The health resort is unusual, with its remoteness from the ocean. It is located among the mountains, jungles, and rice fields. There are many exciting places and plantations for visits around it. This place is tranquil and calm.

In Ubud, one can find an unusual and comfortable hotel as one likes, agree about accommodation with couch surfers or lease the lodging. This is a very convenient city to reveal its own creative potential far from noise and civilization.

Monkey forest – the dense and beautiful house for quick animalsBali_Ubud_Monkey_Forest

There is one more mysterious and exciting place near Ubud – The monkey forest, the wood of monkeys. It is lively in that forest, especially if you have a sense of humor and are fond of animals, in particular, monkeys. These quick animals meet the visitors at the exit yet, trying to take bananas, nuts, and jewels away from them.

That’s why you should hide the latter ones and give the food evenly. It is rather interesting to watch for macaques; they have their hierarchy of relations and their own ways of communicating with each other and surrounding ones.

Besides, the place itself is wonderful – the branches of ancient radians sparkle from water drops, wet grey massive stones, statues, and a small temple, canyon, and picturesque bridge over the downfall. You can take a lot of positive impressions and brilliant photos of this forest.

The cell of the gods – Batur volcano and lakeBatur_volcano_and_lake

Gunung-Batur is a volcano that is considered to be active. The natives respect it as the spiritual manifestation of the goddess Devi Danu, who lives in the lake having the same name. You can climb the volcano on your own, hiring the guide at the base.

The most important thing is to take flashlights. However, the climb with the deficit of light will be more extreme and lively. Some roads are leading to the top of the mountain. Being different due to difficulty, but they all are safe and do not require any individual physical fitness.

The legends are composed about the sunset, which one can meet at the top of the mountain. This is the delightful performance to meet the first warm sunbeams at the height of about 1,700 km. At the top, there are benches and a tent with warm tea and toasts. After getting down the volcano, it is worth visiting the lake and hot sources, relaxing, and enjoying the beauty of the surprising place.

Island for thousands of templesBali_Island_for_thousands_of_temples

One of the peculiarities of the island is the temples. One can meet them at each step. The residents of Bali respect their traditions very much, and in addition to temples, each family obligatorily has the altar at their homes.

Besides, the residents of Bali try to make the temples as beautiful as possible. They fill the island with the extraordinary atmosphere of unity with the universe, God. Ulun Danu, Tanah Lot, Besakih are the most famous temples in Bali.

In Ulun Danu, one can look not only at the temple architecture, beautiful flowers, and lake but get at the small reserve park with owls, toucans, flying foxes, iguanas, and boas. You can pet the animals and take pictures with them. The small feathery owls attract the special attention of tourists.

Bali Travel Tips: Mind-bending rocks UluwatuBali_Uluwatu-temple-on-the-rock-cliff-with-stunning-ocean-view-

Special attention should be paid to the Uluwatu temple. This is not just the temple but the place where one can meet the sunset of unusual beauty, watching for the foam of waves breaking from the huge cliff. It is here where you can feel the splash of adrenalin while sitting on the verge of fall.

But Uluwatu is famous not only for the beauty of the place itself. In the evening, with the sunset, people already start their incredible performance – ritual dance kick. The tourists can watch for residents of Bali, who trance through the dance with rhythmic music and bang of drums. This is an unforgettable show, in which the participants themselves start feeling like a part of a performance.

No matter why you have come to Bali – either to go in for surfing or diving or be filled with the force of the ocean and forests, study the island’s unique culture, or stay alone, you will always find all you seek for. And after visiting the places, being famous for their unusual beauty and force, your trip will become more colorful and really unforgettable.

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