A Look at a Day in a School Counselor’s Life

Written By Alla Levin
January 16, 2017
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A Day in a School Counselor’s Life

If you’re looking for a profession where you can help a lot of people, a career as a school counselor may just be what you need.

Being a counselor at school is both challenging and really rewarding at the same time.

You’ll get to interact with kids, help them achieve more in life and guide students towards realizing their dreams. You will also be on the leading edge of change.

According to an infographic by Wake Forest University, a day as a school counselor involves making sure students get along really well.

You will also be in charge of awareness events and courses, such as anti-bullying courses. More importantly, you can interact with individual students and help each of them solve any problems they may be having.

Does it sound like a career you would enjoy? You can learn more about it from the A Counselor’s Typical Day infographic by http://counseling.online.wfu.edu/resources/infographics/a-counselors-typical-day/

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