The Top 10 Signs you Need to Consider Garage Door Replacement

Written By Alla Levin
March 13, 2017
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Time to Consider Garage Door Replacement

One of the things about owning a home is that you have to maintain it. That means taking care of the lawn, ensuring the plumbing and electrical work are up to code, painting it when it needs it, or even replacing floors in the home when the time comes.

One thing that many people forget to repair or replace when the time comes is the garage door. Here are the top ten signs you need to consider garage door replacement.

It opens when it wants to

This is the very first sign that you might want to consider replacing your garage door, or at the bare minimum repairing it. A garage door that only opens when it wants to, i.e. sporadically, is on its last leg and will lead to reason number two.

It won’t open at all

If this is the case, you need to call in the professionals and see what is wrong with your garage door. A garage door that won’t open at all means you can’t get items out of the garage, you can’t park your car in it, and it isn’t serving its function at all. Garage doors can be fickle, but professionals can take care of them.

It’s missing a window

Many garage doors have windows along the top that are made of glass. If one of those windows is broken or missing, it is probably time to replace your garage door.

Paint is chipped

In the same vein as a missing window, having a garage door with paint chipped means the garage door is incredibly old. The best idea is to replace the whole thing.

Wood is bulging

Many garage doors are made of wood, which means that over time, the lacquer protecting it will break down. When this happens, water will get into it, causing the wood to bulge. It is possible that the door won’t even fit in its place anymore. Replace it.

The metal is dented

This happens to metal garage doors when there is an evil storm, or someone accidentally pulls up too close to it.

Your house is very old

If this is the case, and the garage door has never been repaired or replaced, it is probably time to do so. It is better to do it early than to wait until it is too late.

The rollers are worn out

You can tell this by simply looking at the point on your garage door when it comes from being outside to being inside. If the rollers are looking worn out, garage door repair could work, but you might need to replace it entirely.

The springs look rusty

This is roughly the same thing as the rollers. The springs are essential to a functioning garage door, so if they are looking worn out, either replace them or the entire door.

Your neighbors give you nasty looks

Albeit somewhat funny, it could be that they are doing this because your garage door is clearly past its prime. Consider replacing it.

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