“Weather with you” or Top 3 Apps for Spontaneous Travels!

Written By Alla Levin
May 05, 2017
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Top 3 Apps for Spontaneous Travels!

You already know that i adore spontaneous adventures. Traveling has been my passion since i can remember myself. Living in the US opens an incredible opportunity to explore amazing and fabulous lands with a unique nature and identity. Just like my spontaneous adventure to magnificent reservation Cherokee wich is in North Carolina and my personal meeting with the glorious Smoky Mountains – that was groundbreaking!

In fact, the Smoky Mountains, actually are “Smoky” only in certain weather conditions. But i was lucky enough to catch those weather conditions and to enjoy the real beauty of this delightful creation of nature. This experience taught me something new and useful, and i would like to share my wild and spontaneous travel experience with you. 

To be spontaneous it’s totally amazing, it’s a real adventure full of joy. To be prepared for unplanned trips you don’t need 100 apps to plan everything in details you just need to be prepared for any surprises that may happen. This kind of adventures is perfect for those who are willing to take risks.

All you need is your state of mind, positive attitude, and only 3 applications you may need, yes not 10 but just 3, and 2 of them you probably already have on your smartphone.

Saying this i hear a song by a band called, Crowded House is in my head -“Everywhere you go take the weather with you”… and yes because this is the most important. 

3 Apps to make your spontaneous travel unforgettable!Weather app by WeatherBug

Weather by WeatherBug

The first thing that appears in the morning in my hands is my smartphone. I turn off the alarm and read my social media, and then I watch the weather. After all, I need to understand what I’m wearing today.

I think it’s quite a similar scenario for almost all of us. I needed to find the most convenient tool for checking the weather on my phone because this is the tool i use every single day. Like in my adventure to Cherokee, i was expecting the rainy days and waiting for this kind of weather i found a perfect weather app – Weather by WeatherBug. First of all its totally free.

You can find the information about the weather now, hourly, in 10 days, you can also open this application in Google Maps (my another favorite app to use). You can see actually all the weather layers and everything you may possibly think about. Super easy to use and it gives you the most accurate current and future weather reports. See a few screenshots and get you app for free.

 WeatherBug Android download | WeatherBug iTunes download    

Weather app by WeatherBug
WeatherBug Screenshot


Another Free amazing app for every spontaneous traveler. Instagram is one of the most loved by social network community and one of the most used applications when traveling – i live there! Through the application, you can not just share your fabulous photos, you can also to preview and discover some new places where just a few people were before.

Weather app by WeatherBug
Instagram Screenshot

This app will allow you to investigate the place from the different angles, to find an undiscovered place and to make your perfect shot, if you adore photography just like i do. Or maybe it will help you to get a negative impression and to realize if you actually need to go there. I love asking people about a certain place in comments or sending a direct message. I have discovered a few amazing locations and even found great friends. 

Google Maps

Google Maps – on my opinion, is the best offline and online map. It’s hard to imagine someone who did not use Google Maps. It is a perfect route planning app that allows you to see an entire travel route yourself.

In addition, Google Maps can save your time in advance warning you of accidents or repairs on the route, automatically suggesting you an alternative route. The most valuable function in this app is the help in finding a good place to have a meal. Hundreds of reviews will help you to save your nerves and dollars.This is an excellent navigation system with GPS for your smartphone.

Yes, that’s it! We were talking only about spontaneous adventures if you planning a serious trip you might get add a few more apps, but i can assure you those apps will be pretty much enough.

Weather app Google maps
Google Maps Screenshot

Always leave yourself the “freedom to make a maneuver”! If you feel like you want to stop in the middle of the road somewhere for a little longer or visit a place you did not know about but coincidently discovered via Instagram, do it! Sometimes it’s a real pleasure just to go with a flow!

Follow the routes that locals recommend to you, try a delicious local food, enjoy incredible landscape views, discover up new travel destinations that are not listed in any guidebook. Don’t overload your smartphone with tons of unnecessary applications, live now, live an adventure! All that is an incredible reality and essence of spontaneous adventures!

“Everywhere you go you always take the weather with you…” Lyrics by Crowded House.Weather app Google maps

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