5 Best Spots To Catch Big Fish In Alaska: An Ultimate Guide

Written By Louella Trump
May 09, 2017

An Ultimate Guide to Best Spots To Catch Big Fish In Alaska

Well, if you want to experience fishing in a fun way, then you must plan for a fishing trip to Alaska.

Taking a fishing trip to Alaska is one of the life experiences that you will have.
Why choose to travel to Alaska for fishing? This hobby is more than just free time relaxation.

So far, I can tell you for free that it is an excellent location for fishing because the state has a lot of fishing resources.

If you plan to catch rainbow trout, steelhead, king salmon, halibut, Alaska is the best place to be.

Wild Brown Trout
Wild Brown Trout

You will have a lot of fun with wilderness and ice in Alaska.

I assure you of a spectacular and splendid fishing trip experience ever.

You must make sure you are equipped with essential details before you travel. This is in regard to the type of fish that you want to catch.

For instance, fly fishing trout requires you to have size hooks for trout fishing because this species of fish has the ability to detect when things are out of place.

Therefore, you should select a fishing spot where they are in plenty and ensure you have the right fishing gear.

Therefore, you should select a fishing spot where they are in plenty and ensure you have the right fishing gear.

Also, you may use kayak and trolling motor in some of the fishing spots.

Make sure your trolling motor battery can deliver enough power throughout the day.

Be well prepared before the trip, I assure you of lots of fun and maximum your fish catches in Alaska. Baitcaster is the most fishing gear need to be considered.

Baitcaster also referred to as bait casting reel has is accuracy for you to fish trout.

If you have not used it before, with practice you can also be able to place a lure exactly where you want.

The bottom line is you must identify the type of fish you want to catch because you can’t get all species of fish in one location as well as the fishing gear that you will be comfortable with.

In fact, you should be aware that some species of fish are found in a certain specific region of Alaska.

I’m very interested in trout fishing.

Two important things are the places that can found trout and also have appropriate hook sizes to catch trout.

The local residents are very friendly so that we can always ask them about the best places to go trout fishing, halibut, and other big fish species and they can give us some good tips when catching trout.

Fly fishing Trout
Fly Fishing Trout

Alaska is very cold, so you must be prepared to face the weather there.

Select the fishing spot that is convenient for your health condition as well as with climatic conditions that are conducive or suited to the species that you want to catch.

Do not hesitate to ask around from the local residents if this is the first trip you are making to Alaska.

Fishes that can be caught during the winter cannot be caught in summer, so be informed.

Fishing trout, steelhead, salmon, and halibut are most popular in the Southern region of Alaska.

An Overview Of 5 Best Spots To Catch Big Fish In Alaska

There are a lot of fishing spots in Alaska depending on which part of the state you will be visiting.

Let me make selecting a fishing location easier for you by giving an overview of the five best spots to catch big fish in Alaska.

1. Kasilof River

Kasilof River
Kasilof River

Kasilof River is located in the Southcentral part of Alaska, and it is one of the outstanding spots for fishing.

In this River, you can also find many species of fish that are available in other fishing spots in Alaska, is considered as one of the best Spots To Catch Big Fish In Alaska

The best thing about Kasilof River it is the much more relaxed atmosphere with less crowding.

Most of the popular fish species found on this river include steelhead trout, red salmon, silver salmon, and king salmon.

The Kasilof fishing spot can be reached by car, so you can use any of Alaska cities as a base.

2. Chilkat River

Chilkat RiverChilkat River is located in the Southeast of the state and it is a prime spot for fly fishing salmon. All of the five types of salmon found in Alaska are prevalent in this fishing spot including red, silver as well as king salmon.

Steelhead trout, cutthroat trout, and Dolly Varden are also available.

This area is also inhabited with eagles and during the time I visited they were fishing with me.

The river is close to Haines and Skagway, so you can use either city as your base.

3. Kenai RiverKenai River

By far this is the most popular fly fishing river in Alaska and mostly for one species, in particular, king salmon. The river is located in the south-central region of the state and it runs from Kenai Lake to Cook Inlet.

Rainbow trout, red salmon, silver salmon, and king salmon can all be found in this fishing spot. The

river can be accessed by car and there are several cities that can be used as a base.

4. Susitna River

Susitna RiverSusitna River runs through the mountain ranges of south-central of the state and it is another great fishing spot for big fishes.

Fishing trout, arctic grayling, Pacific salmon (like red, silver and king) as well as Dolly Varden are the most common.

The river is close to Anchorage, so you can use it as your base and take floatplane trips to and from.

5. Kah Sheets Lake

Kah sheets Lake
It is located in the Southeast part of Alaska, which literally means “by the fisheries”. The lake is popularly known for fly fishing, especially for the Alaskan fishing trout.

Dolly Varden, steelhead trout, and cutthroat are also prevalent in the Kah Sheets Lake.

Other fish species that can be found on the lake include red and silver salmon.

The lake is located in a very remote area, so you will have to access it using a floatplane. It is advisable to hire a Forest Service Cabin by the lake so that you can enjoy a longer fishing trip.

To wrap up the loose ends, allow me to say that the above-mentioned fishing spots are among popular locales I visited.

If you have never experienced a memorable fishing trip, I hope that some tips I shared above will help you to get the best out of it.

Finally, make sure you have all the necessary fishing supplies that you will need during your trip.

You must be equipped well so that you can be able to fish during the day or night regardless of the temperature shifts.

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