The Collection of the Best Photographs Taken from Drones.

best drones with camera

Best photographs taken from drones.

The drone photography is one of the latest trends in photography in 2017. Photos made by drones little by little gaining a confident place in the popular genres of photography. No wonder that drones have started to open new ways to the previously unreachable angles of photo and video shooting. It’s a kind of a new tool that opens up new opportunities for of aerial cinematography, as well. Plus a drone is an absolutely necessary accessorize for everyone who loves to travel, can you imagine the quality of pictures made from a drone with HD camera.

So, if you love photography and you still don’t know where to buy a drone with a camera, first see an amazing collection of pictures from the contest of photography made from a drone. It was conducted by the SkyPixel community in 2016 and has attracted more than 27,000 artworks from all over the world. The judges announced the winners, giving the main prize to Ge Zheng, the author of a snapshot of a fisherman with nets.

aerial photography drone
Photo by Ge Zheng
aerial photography
By Brandon Dickson
photographs taken from drones.
By Hanbing Wang
best drone for photography
Drone Photography
drone with hd camera _3
Drone Photography
Drone Photography mini drone with camera
Drone Photography
Drone Photography quadcopter drone
Drone Photography
Drone Photography quadcopter with camera
Drone Photography
drone with camera
Drone Photography
flying drones
Drone Photography

  • Marta Tsvengrosh

    Stunning pictures! Out of this world!

  • dbrown8

    All technology can be used for good or bad purposes. This is the former. The drone technology allows humanity to see everything with new eyes for new perspectives. Hence what was old becomes new again. Thank you.

  • Absolutely agree! I need a dron – i want to make pics like this!!!!

  • Absolutely agree! Sometimes, it can be even be scarry, just a little, but scarry!

  • Daniel Lamer

    I need a drone!