Carpet Cleaning Secrets From the Professionals

Written By Alla Levin
August 16, 2017

How to Clean Up Carpet Stains

Up to date, the carpet is an essential part of every home. Сarpets certainly bring warmth and comfort to every interior. The only cons are – these floor coverings get dirty quite quickly. I am sure that since people have discovered such a great invention like carpets, they are trying to find the best and the most convenient options for removing dust, dirt, food, and drink traces, and animal hair from them. But I can assure you there is nothing complicated about cleaning the carpet.

A home Carpet in Castle Newcastle combines many valuable qualities, but since the rug is a floor covering, it requires proper attention and care. There are many different methods of carpet care and the prevention of its contamination, increasing its service life, and preserving the carpet’s original appearance.

In this article, I will share some tips on quickly and efficiently cleaning the carpet at home. But first of all, the prophylactic carpet home cleaning with a vacuum cleaner from dust and small contaminants needs to be done at least once a week;

Carpet cleaning is usually required

carpet cleaning company

  • The appearance of tough dirt or a stain on the carpet (it can be spilled wine or juice; any greasy stain or other difficult-to-remove contamination has appeared.) In such cases, the rug should be cleaned up as quickly as possible so that the pollution will not have time to soak into the carpet’s structure and dry up.
  • The carpet was saturated with unpleasant odors (if it is placed in the kitchen or if there are animals in the house), etc.

As you can see, occasionally, you will still need to hire a carpet cleaning Melbourne company or similar in your area to refresh it entirely.

Before beginning the carpet cleaning, paying attention to the structure and the carpet features is necessary. Since the different carpets may need a different cleaning approach, the general-purpose recommendations will be enough in most cases.

  • Try to use only dry cleaning. Most carpet types “do not like” the water, but if it’s marked on the carpet label that wet cleaning is required, do not use hot water. Use a vacuum cleaner and a cleaner;
  • Please do not use a stiff brush to clean the carpet; they can damage the structure of the pile. When using a brush, try not to rub the stains on the rug vigorously, and touch them towards the center of the spot not to scratch the dirt onto an even larger area. Cleaning of hand-made carpets should take place strictly in the direction of the fleece.
  • When using new chemical сleaning products for your carpet, carefully read the instructions and the buyer’s reviews on using this product. Before cleaning the contamination, check the product in an inconspicuous place on the carpet to not spoil the whole effect.

The conclusion can be said that the above tips on cleaning carpets at home are relatively simple.

But if you are not confident that you will be able to perform the carpet cleaning at the highest level, or you are merely afraid to accidentally destroy your expensive carpet, then it will be best to contact professionals – from a great carpet cleaning franchise company.

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