Sand, Water, Fire, and Wind – New Outfit Ideas?

Written By Alla Levin
August 15, 2017

Photography Ideas: Models Dressed Up in the Earth Elements!

Photographers from Poland Asida Turava and Radoslav Radzikowski turned into the reality a few unique photography ideas just within three days. It was quite a show, where the team during those days and nights, “dressing up” the models in the sand and water. This project takes social media by storm due to its uniqueness, creativity and not to mention the complication of its implementation. The photographer has chosen probably the most natural way to style up the models – creating costumes for them from natural Earth elements like water, sand, and fire.

The most interesting fact that you are looking at the photographs without any photoshop touch, but only light painting, according to the author. Let’s say those photography ideas and are truly impressive. Even tho another polish photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz sometime before appeared with the similar project – dressing up his models in liquids!creative photography ideas creative photography projects ideas for photography photography portfolio ideas photography project ideas photography projects photoshoot ideas portrait photography ideas unique photography projects_1 We-dressed-models-with-sand-water-and-fire-Asida Turava and Radoslav Radzikowski

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