Treebeard: Portraits of People With Plants Growing From Their Heads

Written By Alla Levin
August 31, 2017
Cal Redback: Human Nature Manipulation.
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The art of photo manipulation: Cal Redback unites people and trees

Cal Redback (Pascal Dupont) creative-retoucher creates unusual portraits of the people combined with plants.

Some art lovers name the individuals on the photographs as the mutants and some art lovers just name them a beautiful reflection of human nature. How would you call those creatures on the photos by Cal Redback?

Cal Redback, one of the best french photo manipulation photographers, invites us to visit a world filled with mutant people who integrated with plants.

No, I am not going to talk about some of the anatomical experiments.

Everything that you see in those photographs was created with the help of Photoshop photo editing and an incredible vision and skills of the photographer.

The characters on the photographs look like the mutant people that were deformed and reformed under the influence of the different plants – beautiful, high-quality photo manipulations.

All those transformations are touching only the face of a person, then rose-covered rose, then with a growing fern from a part of the cheek. Beautiful and awe-inspiring surrealism vision of the world of the photographer.

I hope that all this wild surrealism will remain in the framework of the lively imagination of the French photographer, and those people-mutants will only exist in the digital art of photo manipulation. But who knows, the future is so unpredictable!

Cal Redback: Human Nature Manipulation.
Cal Redback: Human Nature Manipulation.
Cal Redback: Human Nature Manipulation.
Cal Redback: Human Nature Manipulation.
Cal Redback: Human Nature Manipulation.


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