Brilliant Photo Manipulation by Sylvain Binet

Written By Alla Levin
April 19, 2017

Brilliant Photo Manipulation by Sylvain Binet

I have to admit, that photo manipulation genre of photography has become quite popular, these days.

With the help of professional photo editing apps and software, you can get completely unexpected results of your works.

Go extremely far and bring into the reality incredible fantasies, creating unbelievable fairy tale identities.

For some reason, there is some kind of a cliche, it’s believed that real photographers should not use Photoshop in their work.

They say, that anyone can improve the colors, saturation or add some special effects with the help of the special software, but try to make a fascinating shot without all of this. I don’t buy it!

I adore photo manipulation and find them extremely magnificent.

After all, to be an advanced user of Photoshop it is also an art, that requires a strong union of talent, creativity, vision and a certain skill.

Some ideas with a beautiful surrealistic touch are so incredible that they simply cannot be can implement without the help of photoshop manipulation.

For example, just like the ideas of the tremendous french photo manipulation artist and photographer – Sylvain Binet.

Art by Sylvain Binet

Sylvain Binet

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