How To Keep Furniture Safe During a Moving Process

Written By Alla Levin
February 25, 2018
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Keep Furniture Safe During a Moving Process

Moving is a difficult process that requires a lot of patience, effort, and money. That’s why so many people make so many mistakes when preparing for their first relocation. It is a massive misconception that moving to a new city, area, house, or apartment can be organized just in a week without any additional help from the outside.

A lot of people believe that it doesn’t cost a thing to gather everything they have collected for years, pack it in the boxes they have, load in their car, and deliver everything at once. But the truth is the opposite. Relocation requires a lot of planning and preparation, especially if you are moving into a new county or city far from your current home.

What it can’t be organized without is professional help, especially if you have some precious stuff, which costs a lot. What professional movers do is they examine, organize, load, deliver, and unload the stuff you have fast and safe. So, first things first, find a professional mover. Take your time, read online reviews, ask your neighbors, whether they know some excellent moving companies or not. For those who live somewhere in Orange County, such options like will be among the first that their neighbors are to recommend. However, always compare opinions.

In case you want to save some extra money and you are sure in your packing skills, we can recommend preparing furniture by yourself before the movers come. So, you pack, they deliver.

How to Pack Your Dining Room Chairs and SofaHow to Pack Your Dining Room Chairs and Sofa.

What you will need is some clean, free space around and a couple of packing blankets.

  • Lay a packing blanket down using a lighter side against the furniture you’re going to wrap;
  • Place the chair on the blanket with the top of it facing you;
  • Cover the back of the chair with the coverage. Grab all sides of the blanket and proceed to pull the end of it as you fold it inward up between the legs of the chair. Pull the blanket over the chair and secure it with a tape, so the coverage will not come off.

That’s all for the chair. And now let’s try to cover the sofa.

  • If your sofa consists of several pieces, which can be divided while moving, go for it;
  • Use packing blankets to cover every detail separately;
  • For a sofa itself, use a shrink wrap or a special plastic cover, which is designed specifically for the big furniture pieces;
  • Then, turn it upside down and protect that side with an additional layer of cardboard;
  • Secure everything with sticky tape;
  • On the top of it, place an extra layer of protection in the form of a packing blanket. Again, secure it with the tape.

Now your furniture is ready to be loaded in a truck and delivered to your new home. Hopefully, these tips will help you to save some extra money and prepare your furniture for a relocation process much faster.

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