Business Inspiration From The World Of Sport

Written By Alla Levin
March 05, 2018

Business Inspiration From The World Of Sport

Behind every successful entrepreneur, there is a whole host of people who has helped them on their way.

This includes their family and friends, of course, and employees, investors, and collaborators on projects. Some people have helped them that they’ve never met: their business inspirations.

The inspiration for your business doesn’t have to come from the world of business itself. Some of the most inspirational characters of all have achieved great fame and success in sporting achievement. Here are three inspiring business lessons from the sporting arena.

Focus On Your Goals And Head Straight Down The Middle

Golf is a sport that’s particularly associated with business people. Running a business involves long hours, but while entrepreneurs may not get as much practice on the golf course as they’d like, they can take inspiration from some of its greatest players.

The secret to golfing success is to focus on where you want the ball to go, avoid distractions, and keep your eye on the ball at all times.

This is perfect business advice, too, as it’s easy to become distracted by expansions or diversifying before you’re really ready for it.

That’s why a golf ball on the desk, or golf statues in the garden, can be a valuable reminder for any business person.

Be Confident In Your Ability, And Never Undersell Yourself

Whatever you do in life, whether it’s founding your own business or heading into a job interview, one attribute is more important than any other: confidence.

After all, you know your own abilities and potential, so if you don’t believe you can achieve greatness, how can you expect anyone else to? Many sporting legends have in common an ultra-confidence that in anyone else would be seen as arrogance.

Nobody could ever accuse Muhammad Ali of being modest, but he always had the ability to back up his boasts. Anyone can develop Ali-like confidence, even if it doesn’t come naturally, and doing so can lead to knock-out business success.

Setbacks Are Temporary, Not Permanent

Michael Jordan Quotes

What do hugely successful entrepreneurs and sports stars have in common? They’ve all experienced setbacks and outright failures, but they’ve risen from the floor and tried and tried again.

Perhaps the greatest athlete of all time is Michael Jordan. After all, he was not only the best basketball player the world has ever seen – he was also brilliant at baseball. Incredibly, when Michael was 15, he was rejected after a trial for his high school basketball team.

Many people would have given up, but Michael used this rejection to fire himself up, and from then on, nobody would ever dream of turning the man away. The road to business success can be rocky, but always remain positive and realize that setbacks are only a temporary obstruction.

The worlds of business and sport have a lot in common, and they can both bring great financial rewards for those who reach the pinnacle of their profession.

Following these examples from the world of golf, boxing, and basketball can help new entrepreneurs overcome setbacks, remain focused on their goals, and develop the confidence that leads to lasting success.

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